Bids & Awards

Invitation to Bid
IB:2020-14: Construction of Two (2) Units Fix Vent Greenhouses with Aero Phonic System and with Drip Irrigation System
                    (Invitation to Bid)
IB:2020-15: Procurement of Internet Service Provider (ISP) for Benguet State University, La Trinidad Campus
                    (Invitation to Bid | Term of Reference for Employees | Term of Reference for Students)
IB:2020-13: Procurement of Various Desktop Computers and Laptop Computers with other Information Technologies Accessories
                    (Invitation to Bid)
IB:2020-12: Procurement of One (Lot) Various Supplies and Equipment for the Upgrading of Network/Internet Connectivity of the University
                    (Invitation to Bid | List of Items)
IB:2020-11: Procurement of Various Laboratory Equipments
                    (Invitation to Bid | List of Items | Eligibility Requirements)
IB:2020-10: Procurement of Various Photocopiers
                    (Invitation to Bid | List of ItemsEligibility Requirements)
IB:2020-09: Procurement of Various IT Equipment and Peripherals
                    (Invitation to Bid | List of Items |  Eligibility Requirements)
Awarded Projects
Code (PAP)/IB No. Procurement Program/Project Supplier Contract Cost (PhP) Contract Number Date of Notice of Award Date of Notice to Proceed
IB 20019 - 17A Procurement of fuel, oil, lubricants and other supplies for BSU vehicles and
landscaping services of La Trinidad Campus
Burnham Park Caltex Agency, Inc. 3,584,000.00 2020-06 1/28/2020 2/6/2020
IB 2019-18 Procurement of Security Services for the BSU Land Reservation Areas Carlomaximus Security Agency, Inc 2,487,504.77 2020-01 1/8/2020 1/31/2020
IB 2019-19 Procurement of One (1) Lot Various Janitorial Supplies Mary Belle Acob Tullao Trading 573,530.00 2020-01-GF-002 1/3/2020 1/27/2020
IB 2019-20 Procurement of One (1) lot various construction supplies and materials Mary Belle Acob Tullao Trading 326,245.00 2020-01-GF-003 1/13/2020 1/27/2020
IB 2019-21A Procurement of various agricultural supplies Murasaka Enterprises 20,900.00      
360,795.00 2020-02-GF-033 2/7/2020  
Farmer Zone Trading 545,490.00 2020-01-GF-032 2/7/2020  
IB 2019-22 Procurement of one (1) lot various inks and toners Taipan Marketing 1,051,401.00 2020-01-GF-005 1/8/2020 1/31/2020
IB 2019-23 Procurement of laboratory equipment Cebu Far Eastern Drug, Inc. 5,480,00.00 2020-01-GF-006 1/13/2020 2/11/2020
Rainphil, Inc. 357,616.00 2020-01-GF-007 1/8/2020  
Pro Maintech Consultancy Inc. 168,000.00 2020-01-GF-009 1/24/2020 2/14/2020
IB 2019-24 Procurement of various furnitures and fixtures Peniton Trading 1,124,950.00 2020-01-GF-004 1/10/2020 1/29/2020
IB 2019-25 Repair of CEAT building - AVR Zenithal-JNA Construction and Supply 849,336.63 2020-08 1/23/2020 2/10/2020
IB 2019-26 Repairt of the College of Nursing - Roof Deck Zenithal-JNA Construction and Supply 891,713.49 2020-09 1/23/2020 2/10/2020
IB 2019-29 Repair of College of Veterinary Medicine building - Backstage of Anatomy Zenithal-JNA Construction and Supply 901,519.66 2020-10 1/23/2020 2/20/2020
RFQ 2020-02 Development of multi-function office and laboratory at the CEAT building Benguet Builders 598,530.24 2020-11 1/23/2020 2/20/2020
IB 2019-19 (Procurement of One (1) Lot Various Janitorial Supplies): BAC Resolution | Notice of Award
IB 2019-277: Expansion of University Clinic - Phase II
IB 2019-05: Repair of Road Network
IB 2019-276: Rehabilitation of Motorpool
IB:2020-08: Procurement of Various Construction, Plumbing, and Electrical Supplies: (Invitation to Bid | List of Items)
IB:2020-07: Procurement of Common Office Supplies: (Invitation to Bid | List of Items)
IB:2020-06: Procurement of Security Services for the Benguet State University, La Trinidad Campus: (Invitation to Bid | Deployment Plan)
IB 2020-03: Procurement of 1 unit Delivery Van (FB Body): (Invitation to Bid | Specifications)
IB 2020-004: Repair of CHET Road Access:  (Invitation to Bid | Bill of Quantities)
IB 2020-05: Construction of Dormitory (Bokod Campus):  (Invitation to Bid | Bill of Quantities)
Reference No. 2020-019: Procurement (Supply & Delivery) of Agricultural Supplies: (Invitation to Submit Quotation | Price Quotation Form | Specifications)
Reference No. 2020-9: Procurement of Fuel, Oil Lubricants and other Supplies for Vehicles: (Invitation to Submit Quotation | Price Quotation Form | Specifications)
IB 2019-31: Procurement of Security Services for Benguet Agri-Pinoy Trading Center: (Invitation to Bid | Technical Specification | Deployment Plan | Sketch Plan
IB 2019-30: Procurement of Various Laboratory Equipment
IB 2019-15A: Procurement of Various IT Equipment: (Invitation to Bid | List of Items)
IB 2019-25: Repair of the College of Engineering & Agricultural Technology (CEAT) Bldg. - Audio-Visual Room:  (Invitation to Bid | Bid Bulletine | Specification (Design))
IB 2019-26: Repair of the College of Nursing (CN) Roof Deck/Canopy:  (Invitation to Bid | Bid Bulletine | Specification (Design))
IB 2019-27: Repair of Old Administration Building Comfort Rooms: (Invitation to Bid | Bid Bulletine | Specification (Design))
IB 2019-28: Repair of the College of Forestry (CF) Building: (Invitation to Bid  | Bid Bulletine | Specification (Design))
IB 2019-29: Repair of the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) Building - Backstage of Anatomy: (Invitation to Bid | Bid Bulletine | Specification (Design))
Reference No. 2019-1909 Invitation to Submit Quotation for the Supply of Fuel, Oil, Lubricants & Other Supplies for the BSU vehicles for January - December 2020: (Invitation to Submit Quotation | Omnibus Sworn Statement | Price Quotation Form | Technical Specification)
IB 2019-24 Procurement of Various Laboratory Furniture and Fixtures: (Invitation to Bid | List of Items)
IB 2019-23 Procurement of Laboratory Equipment: (Invitation to bid | List of Items)
IB 2019-22: Procurement of 1 lot various inks and toner:  (Invitation to Bid | List of inks and toners)
IB 2019-21: Procurement of various Agricultural Supplies: (Invitation to Bid | List of Supplies)
IB 2019- 20: Procurement of 1 lot Various Construction Materials and Supplies: (Invitation to Bid | List of Materials and Supplies)
IB 2019-17: Procurement of Fuel, Oil, Lubricants and Other Supplies: (Invitation to Bid | Detailed List)
2019-18 Procurement of Security Services for BSU Land reservation Areas
IB 2019- 19: Procurement of 1 lot Janitorial Supplies (Invitation to Bid | List of Items)
2019-16: Procurement of 67 Sets SOLAR LED Street Light with Lamp Post & Accessories: (Invitation to Bid | Specifications)
Reference No. 2019-1242: Second Invitation for the Repair of Perimeter Fence 
Reference No. 2019-1242: Repair of Perimeter Fence of R&D Complex
ITB 2019-12A: Rehabilitation & Upgrading of University Campus Lighting System 
ITB 2019-8A: Procurement of 1 lot HPTLC Accessories / List of Laboratory Equipment