Agri-based Technology Business Incubator/Innovation Center (ATBI/IC)

… where the seeds of agribusiness are sown, grown, and bear their first fruits.

Agri-based Technology Business Incubator/Innovation Center (ATBI/IC) was established through BOR Res. No. 1939, s. 2010. It is a non-profit, educational, service, research and development program where start-up and early-stage mirco-scale entrepreneurial companies are nurtured in a stimulating physical environment and given access to professional support services to enhance the stability of their business ventures.

Contributing to a prosperous and productive Cordillera region through agriculture-based technology business incubation

To creates the conditions for socio-economic growth and opportunity for smallholder farmers, food processors and vendors and other agribusiness persons by promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and productivity.

To increase the income and improve the standard of living of innovative target clients.

    1. To provide a venue for the development of technical and entrepreneurial skills of its target clients;
    2. To consolidate and provide access to a network of available public and private sector programs needed to develop their business;
    3. To enhance the links between universities and colleges, research institutions and industry;
    4. To encourage the generation of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in support of government and private sector initiatives;
    5. To nurture and grow 50 smallholder start-ups every end of 5-7 years cycle; and
    6. To help bring about quality products and services

Technical Services
■ Technology Business Incubation
■ Provided consultancy for Food Processing Incubation
■ Business Proposal