The College of Teacher Education traces its roots from these significant course offerings: the two-year Special Normal Course in 1930; the two-year Associate in Agricultural Education in 1954 followed by the four-year Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education (BSAE) in 1956. BSAE became a five-year program in 1977 but was later revised to the four-year curriculum. To cater to the need for graduate education, MS Agriculture Education was offered in 1971. (BOR Res. No. 1971). 

The offering of the Bachelor of Elementary Education and the Bachelor of Secondary Education in 1989 (BOR Res. No. 276) paved the way to the growing population of CTE. These programs were housed in the building known as CAS Annex adjacent to the RSDC Canteen. Alongside the baccalaureate programs were the offering of the graduate school programs namely, the Master of Arts in Teaching and the Master of Arts in Education and in 1991, the doctorate program major in Education. After a decade, the Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management was offered to address the clamor of the alumni in the MAED programs. (BOR Res. No. 1058 s. 2002) 
With the thriving population of the college, it transferred to the old RSB building formerly occupied by the high school department where additional buildings were built. Two departments were created in 2006 to oversee the new programs. These are the Department of Elementary Education and Department of Secondary Education which replaced the Department of Pedagogy and Department of Foundation Education and Related Studies while the Department of Agriculture and Technology Education was retained to oversee the BSAE program. As the years went by, enrollees in BSAE declined so in 2007, the program was not offered. In its stead was the offering of BSE major in Technology and Livelihood Education. 

The CTE programs periodically went through several curricular changes to ensure their alignment with the policies of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) such as the CMO No. 30 s.2004 which enhanced the existing degree programs. In 2018, three programs became straight programs in accordance to various CHED memoranda issued in 2017 pertaining to the Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education, Bachelor of Physical Education and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. As a result, two departments were created to oversee the straight programs- Department of Technology in Livelihood Education and Department of Early Childhood Education. Now, the college has four tertiary departments plus the two laboratory schools. 

As the tertiary departments underwent changes, so did the secondary and elementary schools which served as the laboratory schools for the pre-service teachers.  In January 1977, the institution incorporated the Ilang Elementary School (located at the southern portion of the La Trinidad campus) to become the Elementary Laboratory School.  It was approved by the Board of Trustees on July 12, 1976 under Resolution No. 29 and was formally endorsed by the former Secretary of the Department of Education and Culture on August 20, 1976.  The Benguet Provincial High School was also integrated with MSAC (Mountain State Agricultural College) high school approved by the Benguet Provincial Sangguniang Bayan last June 9, 1976 under Resolution No. 229.  These are now known as BSU Elementary Laboratory School and BSU Secondary Laboratory School.  To provide a laboratory for the Pre-School Education students, the Early Childhood Development Center was also established. (BOR Res. No. 1022, s. 2001) Recently, with the implementation of the K-12 Curriculum in the basic education, the kindergarten is added to the elementary while while the senior high school is added to the secondary level in the laboratory schools. 

The college has retained its commitment to empower its graduates by offering an enhancement seminar to help prepare the graduates for the licensure examination for teachers. This has contributed to the excellent performance of the graduates manifested in the passing rates of BSU- La Trinidad Campus which have surpassed the national passing rates through the years. In addition, BSU has produced topnotchers in the Licensure Examination for Teachers both from the BEE and BSE.


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