On June 27, 1992, the BSU Board of Regents in its 46th meeting adopted Board Resolution No. 474: “APPROVING the recommendation of the University to offer a Masters Degree in Public Administration; provided that the University simultaneously evolve a diploma course of one (1) year duration and/or six-month intensive modular training with a certificate of proficiency in public administration or management as alternative options of students in the field of public administration.”

A few months hereafter, on September 8, 1992, the Board on its 47th meeting adopted Resolution No. 489: “APPROVING the curricula for the ladder-type courses in public administration towards the grant of a certificate, diploma, and a masters degree for those who could complete the required terms for each course as presented and recommended above, subject to clearance/ permission from the Office of the President, as called for in the premise above.”
Three months later, on December 3, 1992, the Board in its 49th meeting, adopted Resolution No. 509: “NOTING the status of the proposed opening of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) and other related courses/trainings in support of the decentralization policy of the National Government, at the Benguet State University, in coordination with the local DILG and DECS offices.”

Four years later, on March 16, 1996, in its 71st meeting, the Board adopted Resolution No. 715:”AUTHORIZING the offering of Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration as a component of and complimentary of the Master of Arts in Public Administration based at BSU in coordination with the DILG as justified, presented and recommended above.” (Res. No. 715 s. 1996).
Based on the foregoing resolutions, the University shall give certificate for a six-month intensive modular training, provide Bachelor’s degree, one-year Diploma course and confer Master in Public Administration. Included in the training, diploma course, and degree programs are core courses, major courses or minor courses. 

On January 10, 2017 during the university academic council meeting, the ammendment of Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (BAPA) to Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) was moved for endorsement to the Board which was later APPROVED through Resolution No. 28b, s 2019.

Later during the 196th Board Meeting on July 16, 2021 the board adopted Resolution No. 170 s of 2021 APPROVING the elevation of the Institute of Public Administration to College of Public Administration and Governance with the offering of Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA), Certificate in Public Administration (CePA), Diploma in Public Administration (DiPA), rtificate of Proficiency in Public Administration and Bachelor in Public Administration under Ched memo No. 06, s. 2010.

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