MAN - Man is a bio-psycho-social, spiritual, rational being created in the image of God, capable of understanding, reasoning, and judging.

Excellent nursing education that provides graduates with self-direction, competence, and compassion.

The College of Nursing is committed to provide a strong academic and professional foundation for the practice of nursing.

1. Provide high quality nursing education that emphasizes the highest attainment of professional competencies and responsible nursing through efficient and effective instruction and clinical supervision.
2. Strengthen curricular offerings that develop the ability of the student to make critical and informed judgments in nursing practice as well as skills to provide quality patient care. 
3. Prepare the student to assume responsibilities for personal and professional development by contributing to the advancement of nursing through research and continuing education.
4. Develop in the student desirable attitudes toward human values and cultural heritage.
5. Establish, maintain, and strengthen linkages with appropriate agencies on areas of mutual concern for the development of the college. 
6. Extend services to the community through health education classes, basic health services; and training activities.

The four- year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program is designed to develop and equip a nurse with knowledge and skills based on a strong foundation on the behavioral, biological, natural, social and nursing sciences. It aims to prepare the nurse to make critical and informed judgments in nursing practice, utilize research findings, and demonstrate beginning of professional competencies.


  • The original and a photocopy of form 138, which has not been canceled by another school
  • A certificate of good moral character executed by the principal of the school where the applicant graduated
  • Four copies of 2x2 photos taken within 3 months prior to application
  • Original and photocopy of the birth certificate issued by the NSO/PSA

1. A student may be promoted to Level II on the following conditions :

  • he/she has obtained an average rating of 2.75 or better in the first year
  • is physically fit as duly certified by the University Physician

2. A student may be promoted to Level III and IV on the following conditions :

  • Passed all subjects in the previous levels
  • Complied with all academic and clinical requirements
  • Is physically fit as certified by the University Physicians

3. A student with an incomplete mark in any subject shall not be allowed to enroll in the following semester.
4. A student who gets pregnant during the semester will be dropped from the course and will be allowed to finish the semester.
5. A student with a final grade of 5.0 for the second time in any subject will be dropped from the College.
6. A student may be allowed for future enrollment if the following conditions are met:

  • An approved leave of absence not exceeding two consecutive school years
  • A full-time study in the College and enrolled only in the course (s) specific in the semester of the BSN Curriculum
  • RLE and Lecture in major subjects are both passed. A failure in any one requires enrolling in both.

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