Program Outcomes

1. Applies knowledge of physical, social, natural and health sciences and humanities in the practice of quality nursing care.
2. Performs safe, appropriate, humanistic and holistic care to empower individuals, families, population groups, and community.
3. Applies guidelines and principles of evidence-based practice in the delivery of care.
4. Practices nursing in accordance to existing laws, legal, ethical and moral principles.
5. Communicates effectively in writing, speaking, and presenting, using culturally-appropriate language.
6. Documents to include reporting up-to-date client care accurately and comprehensively.
7. Works effectively in teams, in collaboration with other disciplines and multi-cultural teams.
8. Practices beginning management and leadership skills in a community-based health facility, health program or a nursing service in the delivery of quality health care programs and services.
9. Conducts nursing and health-related research with a competent researcher.
10. Engages in lifelong learning with a passion to keep current with national and global advances in general, as well as nursing and health expansions in particular.
11. Demonstrates responsible citizenship and pride in being a Filipino, upholding the culture and heritage of the Cordilleras.
12. Apply techno-intelligent care systems and processes in health care delivery.
13. Uphold the nursing core values in the practice of the profession.
14. Apply entrepreneurial skills in the delivery of nursing care.
15. Epitomizes the EVERLASTING nurse who is service-oriented, generating new knowledge to improve the quality of life.