Downloadable Forms & Documents

Academic Forms and Documents

University Forms and Documents

General Documents
University Student Code of Conduct & Discipline
* Student Handbook
* Health Declaration Form
* Data Privacy Notice for Students

Opt-out, Voluntary Contribution & Waiver)
Opt-out Mechanism Form or Waiver Form
Voluntary Contribution Form
Return Service Agreement

Admission Test (BSU-AT)
Admission Test Application Form
* BSU-AT Requirements
* Application Process Flowchart
* Description of BSU Courses

Enrollment Procedures (2020)

Enrollment Forms
* Pre-registration form (First Year Students)
* Pre-registration form (returnee and continuing Students)
* Pre-registration form (Transferees and
   Second Degree Students)
* Pre-registration form (Cross-enrollees and
   additional courses Students)

Office of the University Registrar 
*Request for Academic Records
* Request for Identification Card
* Application for Change of Primary Data in
  Academic Records
* Issuance for Replacement Copy of Diploma
* Application for Readmission
* Permit to Shift 
* Permit to Change Course(s)
   (FORM | Guidelines)
* Permit to Add Course(s)
   (FORM | Guidelines)
* Permit to Withdraw Enrollment or Course(s)
   (FORM | Guidelines)
* Thesis/Dissertation Grade


List of Courses (Subjects) Offered
* College of Agriculture
* College of Teacher Education
* College of Engineering and Applied Technology
* College of Foresty
* College of Arts and Sciences
* College of Home Economics and Technology
* College of Nursing
* College of Veterinary Medicine
* Institute of Human Kinetics
* Institute of Public Administration
* Institute of Information Technology
* Graduate School (Masteral Degree)
* Graduate School (Doctoral Degree)
* Open University

Graduate School Forms
* Pre-registration Form
Application Form
* GS Basic Policies
Recommendation Form
Application Form for Defense
* Application for Qualifying and Compre Exam
Nomination for Advisory Committee
Permit to conduct make-up class
* Application for Change of Admission Status
Plan of Course work
Request for Change or Adding of Members
* Endorsement for Form & Style (Proposal Defense)
* Endorsement for Form & Style Editing (Final Defense)
* Reproduction and Binding
* Excess Subjects Forms
* Distribution Form
* Gant Chart for Thesis & Dissertation Writing
* Waived Subjects
* Public Presentation Form
* Thesis Monitoring

Graduate School Course Offering:
* College of Agriculture
* College of Teacher Education
* College of Forestry
* College of Home Economics & Technology
* College of Arts & Sciences
* Institute of Public Administration
* Institute of Human Kinetics

Open University Forms:
Application for Admission
* Pre-registration form
Recommendation Form
Form 11: Permit to Study
Course Checklist
Information Bulletin
Brochure: Master in Organic Agriculture

Institute of Public Administration:
Application for Admission
Recommendation Form
Plan of Course Work
Request for Leave of Absence
Application for Exam Defense
Enhanced MPA Courses

Portfolio Primer
University Map
Map 1
 - Map 2

University Forms
* Personal Data Sheet
Personal Data Sheet
     - Work Experience
     - Guide in filling up PDS
Monitoring Sheet for Operational
   Plan 2014
University Clearance

Strategic Performance Management System
New Forms 2016 (DV, BURS, ORS, PO, PR, 
                               CTC, NBURS, NORS,