Horticultural Research and Training Institute (HORTI)

The Horticultural Research and Training Institute (HORTI) was established by virtue of Presidential Decree 2010 signed by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos on January 12, 1986. It was conceived as a research and development arm of the Benguet State University to accelerate progress of horticultural enterprises in the Cordillera region and other highland areas.

A premier research institute that is responsible in promoting sustainable horticultural industries

To spearhead the planning, coordination, and implementation of relevant research programs and effective training and extension services in order to sustain the horticulture industry.

To conduct quality researches and training programs to address the technology and information needs of a diverse clientele in horticulture.

     1. To conduct relevant researches in horticulture for public use in partnership with local, national, and international agencies;
     2. To conduct training programs in horticulture;  
     3 To develop and disseminate timely appropriate and location-specific technologies and information to diverse clientele in horticulture;
     4. To address current and emergent technology needs of clientele;
     5. To develop, innovate and utilize efficient technologies in horticulture; and
     6. To maintain and upgrade research and training facilities to be globally competitive. 

     1. Vegetable Crops
     2. Fruit and Plantation Crops
     3. Ornamental Crops
     4. Micropropagation 

Functions of the Divisions
     a. Spearheads the preparation of R and E proposal and training designs of based on the BSU R and E Agenda;
     b. Consolidates R and E proposals from Colleges and other research units for evauation by the institute's TWG for endorsement to the ORS;
     c. Pepares IEC materials of generated technologies from R and D activities; and
     d. Submits research results for publication in referee/indexed journals and for intellectual property protection.