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Courteous and helpful service is extended to all the university clients. Your comments/ complaints/ suggestions help us improve our services. You may do the following:
Accomplish the Customer Satisfaction Survey Form available at the Information Desk/ Offices concerned. Drop the accomplished form at the suggestion/feedback box provided at the lobby of the administration building/ offices concerned.


Contact Us:
Trunklines (connecting all offices): +63.74.2402
President's Office: telefax +63.74.422.2281
Office of the Board & University Secretary: +63.422.2009
Office for the Vice President for Administration & Finance: +63.74.442.5900
Office for Legal Affairs: +63.74.442.5900
Administrative Office: +63.74.422.2176
BSU Bakery: +63.74.424.3451
CTE Elementary Department: +63.74.424.3954
Food Processing: +63.74.422.2134
HARRDEC Office: +63.74.422.1656
High School Canteen: +63.74.619.1941
Gladiola Center: +63.74.422.3397
Animal Clinic: +63.74.422.2855

Contact the Offices concerned:

Name Position/Designation Contact Details
Calora, Feliciano Jr. President +63.74.422.2281 (office) (personal)
Laruan, Kenneth Vice President for Academics
Laurean, Carlito Vice President for Research & Extension +63-74-422-5547
Aben, Silvestre Vice President for Business Affairs
Malamug, John James  Vice President for Administration & Finance  +63-74-442-5900
Belino, Pelin Dean, College of Home Economics & Technology
Carlos, Editha Dean, College of Engineering & Applied Technology

Amatorio, Marietta 
Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
Garin, Dominador Dean, College of Teacher Education
Natividad, Doris Dean, College of Nursing
Poliden, Samuel  Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Tandang, Leoncia  Dean, College of Agriculture
Parao, Marissa Dean, College of Forestry +63.74.422.5305
Gomez, Romeo, Jr. Dean, Graduate School  
Bolinto, Henry
Executive Dean, Buguias Campus
Molintas, Edgar Executive Dean, Bokod Campus
Gomez, Romeo Director, Open University +63.74.309.2353
Bawang, Rex John Director, Institute of Human kinetics +63.74.422.2127 loc 30
Comila, Felipe Director, Institute of Public Administration  
Tullay, Ronda Director, International Language Center +63.74.309.3880
Luis, Janet Director, Horticulture Research & Training Institute +63.74.422.2127 
Batani, Ruth Director, ISRD +63.74.422.4380
Tad-awan, Belinda Director, Research Services +63.74.422.1877
Director, Extension Services +63.74.422.1877
Macanes, Valentino Director, IHFSA  
Paran, Canuto Director, General Services +63.74.422.2127 loc 40
Fang-asan, Ma. Luz Director, Planning & Development
Atinyao, Marlene Director, Office of the University Registrar +63-74-422-2127 loc 33
Lubrica, Joel Director, Office of Student Services +63.74.422.2043
Tad-awan, Belinda Director, Higher Education Regional
             Research Center
Del-amen, Jesson Director, Intellectual Property Rights Office  
Tagarino, Darlyn Director, International Relations Office
Anongos, Stanley Director, Center for Culture & the Arts  
Botengan, Bryant Director, National Service Training   
Basalong, Andres Director, NPRCRT +63.74.422.2439
Panolong, Kara Director, University Public Affairs Office
Kipaan, Lauren Director, University Library Services
Sandoval, Aurea Marie Director, Quality Assurance & Accreditation Office
Rapuso, Mary Joy Chief, Finance Division
Angiwan Jr., Matias Chief, Administrative Division  
Kinnud, Richard Supervising Administrative Officer
Cashiering Office
Garcia Jr., Paul Information Technology Officer I

For your complaints to be acted on promptly, kindly give the details of your complaints including the office of the person you are complaining about, the nature of the complaint, and the time and day of occurrence.

Thank you for helping us to continuously improve our services.

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