College Librarian I
 Administrative Aide VI
 Administrative Aide III                    

     For evaluation purposes, all interested applicants must submit the following in long yellow folder not later than June 1, 2017 to:  
               FELICIANO G. CALORA, Jr.
               Office of the President
               Benguet State University

1. Application letter indicating position being sought
2. Bio-Data with photo (computer-generated photo not accepted)
3. Certificate of Eligibility, if applicable
4. Certificate of Honors and Awards, if applicable
5. Certificate of Training/Seminars attended after graduation relevant to the position
    being filled-up
6. Photocopy of Official Transcript of Records (BS, MS/MA, PhD, If applicable; if on-going,
    partial Academic Record)
7. Service Records from previous employer, if applicable
8. Copy of performance evaluation, if applicable

* Important Notice: 1. Pre-screened applicants will undergo an aptitude test to be conducted by the Human Resource Development Office/Office for Professional Development and Psychological Services and only those who will qualify the test will be notified for interview.
                              2. Incomplete documents (if applicable) will not be entertained.


                                                                                              (SGD.) FELICIANO G. CALORA, Jr.

Previous Employment Opening:
* Instructor  Open Positions
          Four (4) Part-time Instructor - Registered Nurse with valid PRC ID 
             One (1)  Substitute Instructor - Registered Nurse with valid PRC ID
             One (1) Instructor - Registered Nutritionist-Dietician
             One (1) Instructor - BS in Education Math, LET Passer
             One (1) Instructor - BS Biology or BS Education major in Biology 
             One (1) Instructor - BS Environmental Science
             One (1) Instructor - BS Development Communication (Major in
                                            Community Broadcasting,Educational Communication
                                            and Development Journalism) or any related course

* Various Instructor Position (Plant Pathology, Horticulture, AgEcon, Agribusiness, CEAT)
* One (1) University Research Associate (Contract of Service)
* Forty Two Security Guards

* One (1) Veterinarian II
* One (1) Farm Worker II
One (1) Handicraft Worker II (contractual)
* One (1) Handicraft Worker II (contractual)
* One (1) IT/Payroll Specialist (job order)
* One (1) Laboratory Aide (job order)
* Contractual Instructor
 (Department of Development Communications)
 (in jpg)
* Notice of Vacancy (several positions available)(in pdf)