Several Instructor Positions (Permanent & Contract of Service)
Place of Assignment: CVM, SLS, CTE, IPA
Application: not later than July 26, 2017

 Several Instructor Positions (Contract of Service)
Place of Assignment: CAS, CHET, CEAT
Application: not later than July 21, 2017
Qualifications: (in pdf)

 One College Librarian (Permanent)
Place of Assignment: University Library and Information Services
Application: not later than July 27, 2017
- Bachelor Degree in Library Science or Bachelor of Secondary Education/
   Arts major in Library Science
- 1 year of relevant experience
- 8 hours of relevant training
- RA 1080 (Librarian)

 One Science Research Assistant (Permanent)
Place of Assignment: Institute of Highland Farming Systems and Agroforestry
Application: not later than July 27, 2017
- Completion of two-year studies in college
- 1 year of relevant experience
- 4 hours of relevant training
- Career Service (Subprofessional)/First level eligibility

 One Administrative Assistant IV
         (Carpenter General Foreman) (Permanent)

Place of Assignment: General Services
Application: not later than July 27, 2017
- High School graduate or completion of relevant vocational/trade course
- 2 years of relevant experience
- 8 hours of relevant training

- Relevant MC 11 s. 1996

   For evaluation purposes, all interested applicants must submit the following to:  
               FELICIANO G. CALORA, Jr.
               Office of the President
               Benguet State University

1. Application letter indicating position being sought
2. Bio-Data with photo (computer-generated photo not accepted)
3. Certificate of Eligibility, if applicable
4. Certificate of Honors and Awards, if applicable
5. Certificate of Training/Seminars attended after graduation relevant to the position
    being filled-up
6. Photocopy of Official Transcript of Records (BS, MS/MA, PhD, If applicable; if on-going,
    partial Academic Record)
7. Service Records from previous employer, if applicable
8. Copy of performance evaluation, if applicable

* Only qualified applicants will be notified for interview

                                                                                              (SGD.) FELICIANO G. CALORA, Jr.

Previous Employment Opening:
* One (1) Male Project Assistant Staff (BAPTC)
* Two (2) Instructor (College of Forestry)
* Two (2) Science Research Assistants (HERRC)
* One (1) Medical Officer II (University Health Services)
* One (1) Draftman II (Planning & Development Office)
* One (1) Administrative Aide II (HORTI)
* Metadata Librarian (Job Order, University Library Information Services)
* Administrative Aide IV (Job Order, Secondary Laboratory School)
* Administrative Assistant I (Gender & Development Office)
College Librarian I
Administrative Aide VI
Administrative Aide III  
* Instructor  Open Positions
          Four (4) Part-time Instructor - Registered Nurse with valid PRC ID 
             One (1)  Substitute Instructor - Registered Nurse with valid PRC ID
             One (1) Instructor - Registered Nutritionist-Dietician
             One (1) Instructor - BS in Education Math, LET Passer
             One (1) Instructor - BS Biology or BS Education major in Biology 
             One (1) Instructor - BS Environmental Science
             One (1) Instructor - BS Development Communication (Major in
                                            Community Broadcasting,Educational Communication
                                            and Development Journalism) or any related course

* Various Instructor Position (Plant Pathology, Horticulture, AgEcon, Agribusiness, CEAT)
* One (1) University Research Associate (Contract of Service)
* Forty Two Security Guards

* One (1) Veterinarian II
* One (1) Farm Worker II
One (1) Handicraft Worker II (contractual)
* One (1) Handicraft Worker II (contractual)
* One (1) IT/Payroll Specialist (job order)
* One (1) Laboratory Aide (job order)
* Contractual Instructor
 (Department of Development Communications)
 (in jpg)
* Notice of Vacancy (several positions available)(in pdf)