Employment Opportunities

(Contract of Service)

* Four (4) Instructors in various fields (Permanent)
Place of Assignment: College of Arts & Sciences & College of Agriculture
Monthly Salary: PhP 22,149.00
Application Period: April 18 - May 4, 2018
Pls. see details (in pdf)

Interested and qualified applicants regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, civil status, disability (PWD), ethnicity or political affiliation should signify their interests in writing by attaching the following documents:
1. Application letter addressed to (specifying the position applied for and its date of publication)

         Benguet State University
         La Trinidad, Benguet

2. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS), including the Work Experience Sheet (CS Form
     No. 212 attachment Form) with recent passport-sized picture with name and signature (
     CS Form No. 212,series of 2017) which can be downloaded at www.csc.gov.ph
3. Photocopy of OTR or Certification of grades with the total units required for the degree
    (basis in the determination of units earned)
4. Photocopy of employment certificate(s)
5. Photocopy of eligibility (CSC or TESDA) or professional license
6. Photocopy of training certificates after graduation, within
7. Certified photocopy of performance evaluation rating in the present position for one year
    preceding this publication (if applicable)
8. Photocopy of commendation or award certificates

QUALIFIED APPLICANTS are advised to hand in or send through courier their application to:

Human Resource Management Office
Benguet State Unviersity
2601 La Trinidad, Benguet


Approved for publications:



Previous Employment Opening:
* One (1) Instructor (COS; Buguias Campus)
* One (1) Administrative Aide VI (Clerk II) (Permanent; CA)
* One (1) Educational Research Assistant (Permanent, OVPRE)
* One (1) Administrative Aide III (Laborer II) (Permanent; NPRCRTC)
* One (1) Engineer (Job Order, PDO)
* Instructors in Chemistry, Biology, Plant Pathology, Soil Chemistry, Agricultural Engineering
  (Permanent; CA, CAS, CEAT)
* Research Assistant (Jbo Order:BSU Museum & Insectarium & CSAC)
* Science Research Analyst (COARDC)
* Administrative Aide IV (Clerk II)
* Administrative Aide III (Plumber I)
* Various Positons (Permanent; Jan. 23 - Feb. 5, 2018)
* Various Positions (Job Order/Contruct of Service)

* One (1) Supervising Science Research Specialist (Permanent, NPRCRTC)
* One (1) Registrar I (Permanent, OUR)
* Two (2) Forest Ranger (Permanent, LRO)
* One (1) Accountant I (Permanent, Accounting Office)
* One (1) Farm Woker II (Permanent, Piggery Project)
* Instructor 1 (Permanent: SoicSci, Agronomy, DevCom, AnSci, CHET, CN)
* Instructor I (Constract of Service: DevCom, CN)
* Administrative Aide VI (Storekeeper II, Permanent, SPMO)
* One (1) Administrative Aide IV (Job Order, IPA)
* One (1) Science Research Assistant (Job Order, Biodiversity Project)
* One (1) Administrative Aide IV (Job Order, VPRE)
* One (1) Administrative Officer III (Permanent, HRMO)
* One (1) Accountant II (Permanent, Accounting Office)
* One (1) Administrative Aide V (Carpenter II) (Permanent, GSO)
* One (1) Instructor I (Substitute, Contract of Service, SLS)
* One (1) Administrative Aide IV (Job Order, Accounting)
* One (1) Administrative Assistant I (Job Order, OUBS)
* One (1) Bookkeeper (Job Order, CBOO)
* One (1) Security Guard II (Substitute)
* One (1) Bookkeeper (Job Order)
* One (1) Farm Worker II (Permanent, HORTI)
* One (1) Construction and Maintenance Foreman (Permanent, GSO)
* One (1) Farm Worker II (Permanent, IHFSA)
* Five (5) Administrative Aide IV (Job Order, Various Offices)
* Two (2) Computer Technician (Job Order, CAS)
* One (1) Administrative Assistant V (Permanent, Cashier Office)
* One (1) Administtrative Assistant III (Storekeeper III) (Permanent, SPMO)
* One (1) Administrative Aide VI (Clerk III) (Permanent, Accounting Office)
* One (1) Administrative Aide V (Capenter III) (Permanent, GSO)
* One (1) Science Research Assistant (Job Order, HERRC)
One (1) Science Aide (Job Order, HERRC)
* One (1) Administrative Assistant 1 (Job Order, UPAO)
* One (1) Project Assistant (Job Order, OUBS)
One (1) Chief Science Research Specialist (Permanent, NPRCRTC)
* Three (3) Instructors (Contract of Service; CA, CTE-SLS, CVM)
* One (1) Administrative Aide III (Job Order, Motorpool)
* One (1) Administrative Aide IV (Job Order, Records Office)
* Two (2) Administrative Aide IV (Job Order, Procurement Management Office)
* Several Instructor Positions (Permanent & Contract of Service)
* Several Instructor Positions (Contract of Service)
* One (1) College Librarian (Permanent)
* One (1) Science Research Assistant (Permanent)
* One (1) Administrative Assistant IV (Carpenter General Foreman, Permanent)
* One (1) Male Project Assistant Staff (BAPTC)
* Two (2) Instructor (College of Forestry)
* Two (2) Science Research Assistants (HERRC)
* One (1) Medical Officer II (University Health Services)
* One (1) Draftman II (Planning & Development Office)
* One (1) Administrative Aide II (HORTI)
* Metadata Librarian (Job Order, University Library Information Services)
* Administrative Aide IV (Job Order, Secondary Laboratory School)
* Administrative Assistant I (Gender & Development Office)
College Librarian I
Administrative Aide VI
Administrative Aide III  
* Instructor  Open Positions
          Four (4) Part-time Instructor - Registered Nurse with valid PRC ID 
             One (1)  Substitute Instructor - Registered Nurse with valid PRC ID
             One (1) Instructor - Registered Nutritionist-Dietician
             One (1) Instructor - BS in Education Math, LET Passer
             One (1) Instructor - BS Biology or BS Education major in Biology 
             One (1) Instructor - BS Environmental Science
             One (1) Instructor - BS Development Communication (Major in
                                            Community Broadcasting,Educational Communication
                                            and Development Journalism) or any related course

* Various Instructor Position (Plant Pathology, Horticulture, AgEcon, Agribusiness, CEAT)
* One (1) University Research Associate (Contract of Service)
* Forty Two Security Guards

* One (1) Veterinarian II
* One (1) Farm Worker II
One (1) Handicraft Worker II (contractual)
* One (1) Handicraft Worker II (contractual)
* One (1) IT/Payroll Specialist (job order)
* One (1) Laboratory Aide (job order)
* Contractual Instructor
 (Department of Development Communications)
 (in jpg)
* Notice of Vacancy (several positions available)(in pdf)