University Business Affairs

         The Office of the Vice President for Business Afairs is the steward of partnerships and leasable properties under the production function of the University.
The University Business Afairs (UBA) operated and managed various income generating projects and leasable properties of the University. It continued to provide 
quality products and services to the faculty, staf and students of the University, and stakeholders.        
        The University operates income generating projects (IGPs) under the University Business Affairs (UBA) office to supplement the annual subsidy it receives from the
General Appropriation Act (GAA). The IGPs include:

Bakery Veterinary Clinic
Food Processing Center Purified Water Refilling Station
Souvenir and Gift Shop Gladiola Center
Marketing Center Agricultural Land Use
Multi-Vegetable Production Commercial Space Use
Mushroom Production Sariling Sikap Program
Poulty Farmer Cooperator's Program
Swine Strawberry Production Project
BSU Garments Guestels (HMEG)
RSDC Canteen SLS/ELS Canteen