Integrating Talent Development into Innovation Ecosystems in Higher Education 
Ref. no. 586227-EPP-1-2017-1-BG-EPP



About the Talent Co-Creation Lab
- The Talent Co-Creation Lab builds bridges between the university and the labor market and contributes to improving the employability of graduates. The activities carried out in the Lab brings shared benefits to both the university – which enlists the support of stakeholders to develop relevant employability skills among students and business.

The Talent Co-Creation Lab is implementing the following activities:

  •  Conduct entrepreneurship education and innovation training activities for students and teachers Encourage conduct of research and innovation activities in collaboration with external stakeholders (industry/enterprises, the nonprofit sector, and the public sector)
  •  Create ICT tools enabling student co-creation in research and innovation and stakeholder co-creation in talent development
  •  Enable ideation and brainstorming
  •  Expose students to industry
  •  Enable project development and implementation.