CA-DAEM leads FRC in celebration of ABEMS Week

November 13, 2023 – The Department of Agri-business Economics and Management (DAEM) of the College of Agriculture (CA) spearheaded this week’s flag-raising ceremony in line with its celebration of the ABEMS (Agribusiness and Economics Majors Society) Week with the theme “Unlocking Potential Breaking Barriers for Economic Equality and Gender Diversity.”

In line with this, the College of Natural Sciences through Mr. Norell Jay B. Osting also announced its celebration of Environmental Science Week with the theme, “Are We Out of the Woods Yet? Viewing Climate Action Through the Philippine Lens” and the itinerary of activities for the week-long celebration.

Moreover, Dean Ederson G. Bawang of the College of Numeracy and Applied Sciences (CNAS) presented the plaque of recognition awarded by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) to the university as an Outstanding Respondent (Academe Category) during its 2023 Stakeholders Appreciation Ceremony in celebration of its 10th Anniversary.

Representatives from the International Veterinary Outreach (IVO), a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, California, United States in the person of DR. Kate Schoenhals and Ms. Kait Link also visited the university for the Horse Health Care and Welfare Project or KABAJO Care Project in partnership with the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM).

Atty. Richard P. Dumapis, a faculty staff of CVM, briefed the audience on the sets of activities with the aim to help horse handlers in Baguio City and also as a learning experience for BSU CVM learners.

Additionally, the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) announced the list of newly hired and promoted employees of the university where University President Felipe Salaing Comila spearheaded their oath-taking.

In his message, President Comila challenged everyone to be bold and daring in chasing their dreams and destiny. According to him, every individual has a role to play in this life and we must be wise and courageous enough to find and live it.