Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences (BSESS)
     Major in Fitness and Sports Coaching (FSC) 143 Units 
     Major in Fitness and Sports Management (FSM)    149 Units
It is an interdisciplinary field designed to provide graduates with a broad and coherent understanding of applied exercise and sports sciences in terms of fitness and sports coaching, and the management of fitness and sports programs in various industry settings. The fitness and sports coaching major in a standalone degree but it enhances and complements the coaching licensure and/or certification accredited by relevant international and national governing sports bodies, as well as fitness- related certifications by the reputable organizations in the field. This knowledge and skills base allow graduates to address the relevant needs of employers and pursue further specialization studies.

BPE Program    188 Units
The BPEd is a four year program aimed at equipping graduates with the competencies to meet the psychomotor, cognitive and affective needs of learners. As a teaching profession, PE is a seamless activity of designing and delivering learning activities, providing quality instruction, managing the classroom, and assessing student learning, modeling as well as mentoring.

Diploma in Physical Education  43 Units
This program is offered to any Bachelor’s Degree holder who intends to take physical education as another field of specialization.
A student may enroll four/five courses per  semester and shall complete the program in two (2) years. Subjects are offered on Saturdays during regular semester and daily during summer.

Master of Science in Physical Education  36 Units
The Master’s degree program shall equip the  students with physical education skills, sound decision-making which influences policy-making, planning, practice and leadership in instruction, research, extension and production in the field of physical education and sports science. A student may enroll in three (3) major courses and one (1) core course.