Admission Requirements 

For Freshmen
1. Senior High School Graduate
2. A General Weighted Average (GWA) of at least 80% in their Grade 11 subjects

For Transferees
1. A certified true copy of academic records/ transfer credentials and a certificate of honorable dismissal.
2. A passing rate of validation exams taken.

Note: Validation Examination shall be given to students who finished equivalent subjects. However, transferees with good scholastic standing from member – institutions of ACAP and PASUC. The course(s) to be credited shall be determined by the Department Chairperson and the University Director of Admissions.

1.Grade 12 Graduate must have a general weighted average o f80% or better.
2.For currently enrolled Grade12 student, a GWA of 80% or better from your Grade11courses is required.
3.Transferees must have a general weighted average of 80% or better in all courses finished from last school attended.
4.Shifters must have a general weighted average of 80% or better in all courses taken from last degree enrolled.

1. BS degree in physics or major in the physical or general sciences. At least 18 units of physical sciences units in the undergraduate is preferred. If this is not fulfilled, the student may be admitted on a probationary status and will be required to take additional units in the major field.
2. A grade point average of 2.0 or better in the undergraduate degree.

1. BS degree in the mathematical sciences and related disciplines. At least 18 units of statistics and/or mathematics which include Elementary/Principles & Methods in Statistics, Calculus, and Introduction to Statistical Theory. If this is not fulfilled, the student may be admitted on probationary status and will be required to take additional units in the major field/mathematics.
2. A grade point average of 2.5 or better in the graduate degree.