Academic Programs

Program Objectives
The Bachelor of Science in Statistics graduates are expected to:
1. Demonstrate broad and coherent knowledge and understanding in the core areas of statistics, computing and mathematics; 
2. Translate real – life problems into statistic problem; 
3. Generate information involving the conceptualization of a strategy for generating timely and accurate/reliable data organizing a process for putting together or compiling the needed data, and transforming available data into relevant and useful  forms; and 
4. Identify appropriate statistical tests and methods and use these properly for the given problems, select optimal solutions to problems and make decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Program Objectives
Studentsenrolledinthisprogram shall:
1.Gain mastery in the core areas of Mathematics: Algebra, Analysis, and Geometry;
2.Demonstrate skills in pattern recognition, generalization, abstraction, and critical analysis and synthesis, problem-solving, and rigorous argument;
3.Develop an enhanced perception of the vitality and importance of Mathematics in the modern world including inter-relationships within math and its connection to othe rdisciplines;
4.Appreciate the concept and role of proof and reasoning and demonstrate knowledge in reading and writing mathematical proofs;
5.Make and evaluate mathematical conjectures and arguments and validate their own mathematical thinking; and
6.Communicate mathematical ideas orally and in writing using clear and precise language.

MA PHYSICS (Level III Re-accredited)
Graduates of Master of Arts in Physics are expected to:
1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills competence in Physics
2. Conduct researches, extension, and production activities that will contribute scientifically, socially, aesthetically, and culturally relevant outcomes for the workplace and the community
3. Acquire sound footing of Advance Physics knowledge and skills to be able to pursue higher studies and conduct researches
4. Manifest student/client-centeredness, leadership, integrity, diversity, efficiency and service in the practice of profession.

The Master of Arts in Applied Statistics graduates are expected to:
1. Demonstrate comprehensive and in-depth knowledge on advanced statistical concepts and methodologies;
2. Apply necessary skills in research conceptualization, data management, analysis, interpretation and communication of results to end-users;
3. Conduct, publish and extend outstanding researches while promoting the solid practice of statistics in uplifting socio-cultural, economic, environmental and technical status of the academe, industry and community;
4. Manifest aesthetic principles and promote cultural values; and
5. Demonstrate excellence, vibrancy, equity, responsiveness, leadership, accountability, service, teamwork, ingenuity, nobility and greatness in the practice of profession.