Objectives and Goals: Advanced Studies

The MS Biology program aims to produce graduates who are:
1. Experts in basic areas of Biology and professional leaders in major fields of specialization; and
2. Competent, up-to-date and articulate Biology educators, researchers and professionals who contribute to sustainable development.
The MS Biology program aims to develop professionals who are expected to:
1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge in basic areas of Biology and the ability to keep abreast with new developments in science and technology;
2. Display competence in their major fields of specialization in Biology;
3. Apply computational methods and appropriate experimental designs and analyses of research problems in Biology relevant to sustainable development; and
4. Communicate scientific knowledge as educators, researchers and extension workers towards advancement of knowledge, strengthening of institutional linkages and community development.

MS ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE (MS ES for ES Graduate and Non-ES Graduate)
At the end of the program, graduates are expected to pursue the following roles or professions:
1. environmental and natural resource management officers (planners, managers, etc.) of various government agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), people's organizations (POS) and private corporations;
2. Instructors/academic personnel;
3. Researchers of various research agencies; 
4. preparers of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS):
5. community development worker’s/community organizers 
6. pollution control officers
7. environmental entrepreneurs
8. consultancy works in government agencies, NGOs, project-based projects and programs environmental benchmarking, auditing, assessments, monitoring and evaluation, etc.

To produce Chemistry graduates who are:
1. involved in promoting environmental friendly and useful techniques for sustainable development amidst climate change;
2. To promote Chemistry graduates who are globally competent and gender sensitive practitioner of Green Chemistry;
3. To promote Chemistry graduates who are engaged in scholarly research and extension services to enhance quality of life 
4. To promote Chemistry graduates who are resolved in demonstrating stature and behavior that upholds the BSU CARING TEAM PRINCIPLES core values.
F. Philosophy of Science Education major in Biology  (PhD Sci-Ed, Biology):
Graduates of Ph.D. Science Education – Biology are expected to: 
1. Develop expert level of theoretical knowledge in Science Education – Biology
2. Demonstrate competence to utilize the expert knowledge in solving different problems related to Science Education – Biology
3. Demonstrate competence to undertake advanced independent research in Science Education – Biology and communicate the results and practical applications to diverse audiences.
The program aims to produce graduates of Ph.D. Science Education – Biology who are able to:
1. Demonstrate theoretical knowledge in evaluating theories, principles and concepts of Science Education-Biology;
2. Apply the forefront knowledge in Science Education-Biology by conducting original research and generate new technologies that meet the standards of peer review and eventually merit publication;
3. Conceptualize, design and implement research projects for the generation of new knowledge, educational programs and systems relevant to sustainable development;
4. Demonstrate well informed judgments on complex issues, develop applications considering their ethical and social dimensions and communicate the results to diverse audiences.