CHET hosts Aldersgate College Inc. benchmarking activity

Faculty and staff members of the Aldersgate College Inc. based in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya visited BSU to observe some of the best practices of the College of Home Economics and Technology (CHET) in their BS in Entrepreneurship program.

Aldersgate College Inc. aspires to soon offer the degree program the Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship specializing in Apparel and Fashion (BSAFE) the same with what CHET currently offers.

Upon arrival, the group first made a courtesy call to President Felipe Salaing Comila before going to the College of Home Economics and Technology (CHET) fot the benchmarking activity. From there on, they were warmly accomodated by Jeftee Ben B. Pinos-an and Kathlyn P. Aragon, both instructors of CHET. 

As the activity ended, both institutions gathered mutual learning and hoped to work on potential collaboration programs to strengthen their newly established partnership.//SSSalvacio, Photos by EBawang