2024 BSU Charter Anniversary Darts Tournament

19 JANUARY 2024

As part of the BSU 38th Charter Anniversary Celebration, the Gender and Development (GAD) Office with the College of Human Kinetics (CHK) and Center for Sports, Wellness, and Development conducted a Darts Tournament held at the College of Engineering (CE) Building.

The tournament was participated by employees and students from different BSU colleges and offices. The aim was to promote sportsmanship and teamwork, relieve stress, and help the participants develop a healthy pastime.

The event was concluded with the announcement of the winners. The championship title for men's doubles was grabbed by Franzo Fatog of the General Services Office (GSO) and Kervin Kent Tacdoy, a CHK student. The first runners-up were Rembert Wagsey and Mikael Julian, students from the College of Numeracy and Applied Sciences (CNAS). The second-place finishers were Onefre Tonged, a CE staff member, and Jester Acosta, a student at the same college.

For women's singles, the championship title was won by Florence Jose, a CE student. Jose stated that the event gave her more experience with darts. The first runner-up is Loverette Gamlosen Logdo-Coteng from the office of the National Service Training Program (NSTP). The second runner-up is Dona Claire Lapisac-Colinang from the College of Teacher Education (CTE).