1. General Reference and Information Section
This section has general references like atlases, bibliographical indexes, bibliographies, dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias, guidebooks, manuals, maps, etc. All materials are for room use only.
2. Periodicals/Serials Section
This contains all local and foreign journals, magazines and newspapers, and vertical files. All materials are for room use only.
3. Filipiniana Section
Books and other materials on various subjects or topics written by Filipino authors, or about the Philippines, or published in the Philippines are found in this section. Also included are the collections of CARiana (Cordillera local resources), theses and dissertations. Undergraduate Students: Maximum of one book for overnight only; Graduate Students: Maximum of two books for seven days.
4. General Circulation Section
This is an open shelf section where subject references on humanities, social sciences, history, language, pure sciences, applied sciences, and literatures are found. Users can directly search and browse the books on the shelves. Undergraduate Students: Maximum of two books for two day ; Graduate Students: Maximum of two books for seven days.
5. Virtual Library Section
This provides Internet access and services and other electronic references like the TEEAL database. A student is allowed to use the Internet upon the presentation of Official Receipt and school ID.
6. Multimedia Section
This is a viewing room with equipments such as TV set, beta tapes with beta player, VHS tapes, CDROMs, DVDs, LCDs, etc. Use of this room is upon reservation by the faculty member. A group of at least ten (10) students or more can also request provided they will be responsible for all the resources/equipments inside.