Loaning System

1. Search the call no., title and author of the book from the OPAC.
2. Proceed to the section where the book is located.
3. Sign the book card and leave it to the personnel in charge.
4. Proceed to the circulation desk for proper checking out of the book/s. Loaning time for undergraduate students starts from 2:00 PM to 5:45 PM. For graduate students, loaning time will be anytime.
5. In returning the borrowed books, go directly to the circulation desk for proper checking in. Undergraduate students are encouraged to return loaned-out books in the morning. For graduate students, returning of borrowed books will be anytime.
6. Book/s can be renewed for up to 2x for undergraduate students provided that these are not needed by other users. Renewal of books is not allowed for graduate students.
7. On the no. of book/s allowed for loan-out, please refer to the library sections listed in this handbook.