The Student Development Unit

As a Unit of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), the Student Development Unit (SDU) first and foremost accredits, supervises and evaluates recognized student organizations’ activities. The unit also provides avenues for the enhancement of leadership and citizenship skills. Specifically, the Head shall:
1. Facilitate the processing and screening of applications of student organizations for recognition;
2. Monitor the activities of the recognized student organizations (RSO);
3. Coordinate with the OSA College Coordinator and with the RSO advisers on matters concerning the RSOs;
4. Evaluate the RSOs’ performance for the School Year;
5. Recognize the outstanding contributions of student leaders and recognized student organizations, and
6. Facilitate invitational training programs.

Student Scholarship and Grants 
Student Organizations
     - Student Organizations per College/Instiute
     - Major Accomplishment and Activities of Student Organizations
- Community Volunteer