Boesenbergia igorota (Zingiberaceae), a new species from the Cordillera Central Range, Northern Philippines
   Rene Vincent B. Tad-o, Joanna I. Alafag, Jones T. Napaldet

Floral Diversity of Intek River in Tuba, Benguet, Northern Philippines
   Domelson Balangen, Melchor Catones, Jane Bayeng, Jones T. Napaldet

Morpho-Anatomical Characterization of Rhododendron subsessile Rendle, an Endangered Species of the Cordillera Central Range, Philippines
   Jones T. Napaldet, Starleene S. Cervantes Mabel Grace V. Bitayan

Absorption of Lead and Mercury in Dominant Aquatic Macrophytes of Balili River and Its Implication to Phytoremediation of Water Bodies 
  Jones T. Napaldet and Inocencio E. Buot Jr.

Distribution and morpho-anatomical characterization of ‘Beket’ (Coriaria japonica subsp. intermedia (Matsum) T. C. Huanh) in Cordillera Central Range, Northern Philippines 
   Maricel Guron and Jones T. Napaldet

Lead and Mercury Uptake in Dominant Macrophytes of Balili River, Benguet, Philippines 
   Jones T. Napaldet & Inocencio Buot, Jr. 

Vascular Plant Diversity in Benguet State University La Trinidad, Main campus, Philippines: A Status Report and a Database To Support The Attainment of Sustainable Development
   Jhunedyn M. Antonio, Margarette M. Bacate, Jackson L. Butag, Sheinalene M. Ladoan, Gina D. Vicente, Jones T. Napaldet

Rehabilitation of Eutrophic Rivers Through Phytoremediation in Constructed Wetland: The Case of Balili River in Benguet, Philippines 
   Jones T. Napaldet & Inocencio Buot, Jr.