Admission Requirements

NEW ADMISSION POLICY approved during the 197th BOR Meeting on November 8, 2021

I. Applicants
The following applicants may submit an application for admission to the DVM program subject to the duly approved admission requirements

  • Senior High School Graduates;
  • High School Graduates of the Old High School curriculum who did not enroll in any college degree program in any other schools after graduation from high school.
  • Grade 12 as of application period (currently enrolled as Grade 12);
  • ALS/EPT Completers eligible for college admission;
  • Transferees; and
  • Second Degree

2. Requirements
■ General Weighted Average (GWA) must be 86% or better
■ Grades for English, Math, and Science must be 86% or better.

■ Must come from Higher Education Institution recognized by CHED or TESDA
■ General Weighted Average (GWA) of 80% (2.50) or better for all subjects finished
■ has NOT completed more than 50% of the units required for the degree program

■ General Weighted Average (GWA) of 80% (2.50) or better for all subjects finished
■ shifting will only be allowed twice

■ Meet DFA and Bureau of Immigration requirements
■ Security clearance from his/her embassy
■ Certificate of Proficiency in English issued by ILC for those who come in countries where English is not the medium of instruction
■ meet prescribed admission requirements
■ if transferee, policies for transferee also apply

■ Depends on availability of slots and projected years of residence.

3. Additional Requirements
■ Interview for qualifiers
■ Co-curricular and extra-curricular involvement in high school (senior high school) for highschool/grade 12 graduate applicants may be considered by the College in the qualification of the applicant

4. Quota Requirement and Availability of slots
■ The degree program has 120 slots every school year (2 sections, 50-60 students per class)