Research and Extension Agenda

The College of Nursing is committed to educating and training globally- competent and service- oriented nurses. It aims to provide service that corresponds with the evolving needs of times. The College places research as priority area as it plays a vital role in actualization of its commitment.

The research agenda has been crafted with the purpose of facilitating the research endeavours in the College. It intends to provide the constituents- faculty, staff and students, with clear statements of the College research thrusts, areas, programs and strategies. This research agenda shall be used as basis for consistent and appropriate decision- making of all research endeavours that relate to the programs and services that the College offers. Moreover, the research agenda shall provide foundation for the operation plan of the College Research and Extension Unit.

All College administrators, faculty members, researchers, staff, undergraduate students, and partners are expected to refer to this Research Agenda for any research- related concerns. All stakeholders are therefore urged to familiarize themselves with the information contained in this Research Agenda.

Along the vision, mission, and goals of the University, the College of Nursing takes it mandate from the charter of the university (PD 2010), which states that the University shall provide research, extension, agribusiness and advanced studies and progressive leadership in its fields of specialization. In line with this mandate, the College is in the process of strengthening the research and extension units.

The College of Nursing of Benguet State University is one of the top nursing schools in the Philippines (PRC, 2016), and excellent in research relevant to quality nursing education, and practice in the Cordillera Administrative Region.

To make the College responsive to the demands of a changing society, particularly of health needs of the populace, and the research for national identity and quality nursing education, the College should have built- in mechanism on a continuous self- assessment of its unit through research and extension service capabilities and program thrusts.

The aim of the Research and Extension Unit of the College of Nursing focuses on promoting and improving the health of individual, families and communities, and develops the science to help people strengthen the quality of their lives in the Cordillera Administrative Region. Specifically, the Unit address the following five (5) objectives:
1. Promote innovation and developing young nurse scientist of the 21st century.
2. Supports and conducts basic and applied research on education, nursing, health and illness.
3. Develop appropriate technologies and outputs in nursing.
4. Extends activities and programs encompasses health and well- being of individuals, families and communities.
5. Establish and strengthen linkages/ partnership in furthering research and extension endeavors of the College.