Department of Entrepreneurship

With the approval of the Board Resolution No. 997, series of 2000 on December 13, 2000, the Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Technology major in Foodservice Management was added as one of the course offerings of the College of Home Economics and Technology through a ladderized program under the Department of Home Economics.

Upon the completion of the first two years, the students will graduate Associate in Entrepreneurial Technology (AET). Should the AET graduates opt to pursue with the Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Technology program, they must pass first the qualifying exam that the department administers. Qualified students will have to choose between Foodservice Management (FM) and Clothing Technology and Entrepreneurship (CTE) as their major in the remaining two years of their stay in the Department.

It was on June 2013 when the ten-year curriculum had been revised to be at par with the current needs of the industry with the approval of Board Resolution No. 2192, s. 2013. The qualifying exam was then removed but the students who want to continue with the BSET program must meet the retention requirements set by the Department.

With the continuous increase of takers for the course, it was finally separated from the Department of Home Economics forming the Department of Entrepreneurial Technology (DET) on June of AY 2014 – 2015.

Course Offering
Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship specialized in Apparel & Fashion Enterprise
Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship specialized in Food Enterprise

Program Objectives
1. Produce entrepreneurs with developed conceptual, interpersonal, leadership, and technical skills responsive to global demands.
2. Produce entrepreneurs who are able to identify business opportunities, prepare business plans, accomplish business requirements and manage business.

Admission Requirements
▬ High school graduate with good scholastic standing (HS average of at least 85% with no grade lower than 85% in Math and Science)
▬ Passed the BSU Admission Test (Rating not lower than 90%)
▬ Original BPS Form 138 marked “eligible” and has not been cancelled by other institutions
▬ 2 copies 2x2 ID picture
▬ Certificate of good moral character