College of Forestry Faculty Profile
(As of October 13, 2023)

Name Academic Information Rank and Designation
Alfonso, Gerry M. PhD in Rural Development/ Agricultural Education, BSU, 2005
MS in Forestry – Watershed Management/Silviculture, BSU, 2000
Associate Professor V
College Dean
Laruan, Kenneth A.  PhD in Forestry - Environmental Forest Mgmt/Environmental Science, UPLB, 2011
MS  in Forestry – Watershed Management/Rural Development, BSU, 2004
Professor III
Director, Cordillera Regional Apiculture Center (CRAC)
Lumbres, Roscinto Ian C. Post Doctorate - KFRI, South Korea, 2015 
PhD in Forestry - Forest Biometry and Modelling; Kongju National University, South Korea, 2013
MS in Forestry –  Urban Management, BSU, 2009
Professor IV
Director, Center for Geoinformatics
Bao-idang, Conrado C. PhD in Forestry - Silviculture/ Agroforestry, UPLB, 2016
MS in Forestry – Watershed Management/Silviculture, BSU, 2000
Associate Professor IV
Florentin, Josel PhD in Forestry, UPLB on-going
MS in Forestry – Watershed  Management/Silviculture,  BSU, 1998
Associate Professor IV
Chairperson, Forest Biological Sciences & Wood Science Technology (FBS & WST)
Department Chairperson 
Gamboa, Michelle D.* MS in Forestry - Silviculture/Forest Resources 
Management, UPLB
Associate Professor I
Daipan, Bernard Peter O. PhD in Forestry - Forest Biological Science, UPLB, on-going
MS Forestry - Watershed Management, BSU, 2015

Assistant Professor II

Doyog, Nova D.  PhD Program of Agriculture Science,  National Chiayi University, Taiwan on going  
MS Forestry - Forest Resources Management/Biometry,   Kongju National University, South Korea, 2017
Assistant Professor III
Ngiwas, Sano L. MS in Forestry, Silviculture, BSU, 2007 Assistant Professor V
Chairperson, Silviculture & Forest Influences (SFI) Department
Parao, Marissa R. PhD in Forestry - Silviculture/Forestry Economics/ Tree Physiology, UPLB, 2008
MS in Nat. Res. Conservation, AIT Thailand, 2006
Professor V
Coordinator, Advanced Studies
Yabes, Milbrenne D. MS Forestry – Forest Biological Sciences (Forest Pathology), UPLB 2020 Instructor I
College Secretary
Agsawal, Mercy L. MS in Forestry - Watershed Management, BSU, on-going Instructor I
Alfonso, Gerry P. MS Forestry – Silviculture , BSU 2019 Instructor I
Balangyao, Shallum O. BS in Forestry - General, BSU, 2023 Instructor I
Dagupen, Jonalyn P. MS in Forestry - Silviculture, BSU, 2019 Instructor I
Lopez, Renchel Kaye L. BS in Forestry - General, BSU, 2022 Instructor I
Parian, Christine P. MS in Forestry – Watershed Management, BSU, on-going Instructor I
Plan, Rhealyn S. MS Forestry – Watershed Management, UPLB on-going  Instructor I
Pablito, Bernard S. Nursery Man/Administrative Aide III
Bangsi-el, Bernadette S. College Clerk
Peñaranda, Elmer B.  Laboratory Aide I
Milo, Jerlyn Utility Worker
Dio-alan, Jose Utility Worker