Request for Quotation (RFQ)

RFQ 305: Kitchen Supplies
RFQ 303: Sanitation & Hygiene Supplies
RFQ 302: Office Fixtures, Kitchen Equipment and Breastfeeding Station Materials
RFQ 299: Fresh Strawberries
RFQ 300: Cleaning and Sanitation Supplies
RFQ 293: Supply and Delivery of Inks for Brother Printer
RFQ 286: Kitchen Equipment and Utensils
RFQ 284: Construction Materials and Supplies
RFQ 283: ICT Network Equpment and Supplies
RFQ 282: ICT Supplies
RFQ 281: Printing of Product Sticker Labels
RFQ 280: Farm Tools and Supplies
RFQ 279: Farm Supplies
RFQ 276: Supply and Delivery of Agricultural Supplies
RFQ 275: Chicken Layer Mash
RFQ 273: Snacks and Meals
RFQ 264: Supply and Delivery of Various Janitorial Equipment and Supplies
RFQ 278: Supply and Delivery of Juana Kit for the 2023 National Women's Month Celebration
RFQ 272: Construction Supplies
RFQ 271: Books
RFQ 270: Construction Supplies and Materials
RFQ 264: Supply and Delivery of Various Janitorial Equipment and Supplies
RFQ 256: Dental Health Supplies, Materials and Medicines
RFQ 252: Petri Dish with Lid, Whatman, Sterilized Plastic Petri Dish, Hand Tally Counter
RFQ 251: Glass Jars and Metal Lug Caps for Glass Bottle/Jars
RFQ 138: Supply and Delivery of Common Supplies (Second Posting)
RFQ 260: Agricultural Supplies
RFQ 238: Various Surgical Instruments
RFQ 244: Dry Goods and Baking Ingredients
RFQ 234: Suppy and Delivery of Office Supplies and Materials
RFQ 145: Bread Rack
RFQ 236: Office Equipment
RFQ 235: Water Dispenser and Coffee Perculator
RFQ 197: Office Fixtures and Equipment;  Lavatory Accesories 
RFQ 226: Construction Supplies and Materials
RFQ 224: Supply, Delivery, Installation and Paiting Works of Window Grilles
RFQ 217: Supply, Delivery and installation of one(10 unit Voltage Stabilizer/Regulator, Industrial Grade, Automatic
RFQ 216: Kitchen Equipment
RFQ 213: Construction of Concrete Bed Pan Materials
RFQ 210: Chemical/Reagents
RFQ 203: Supply and Delivery of Various Office Supplies/Fixtures
RFQ 201: One Lot Supply & Delivery of Construction Supplies and Materials
RFQ 200: Construction Materials
RFQ 198: Cacao Roaster, Pouch Packaging Machines, Melanger Tilting & Seed Moisture Tester
RFQ 195: Steel Carabiners, Rescue 8 Ring with ears, Alluminium alloy paw M anchor plate 5
RFQ 190: Medicines
RFQ 188: Medicines
RFQ 183: Laboratory Supplies / Chemicals
RFQ 182: Farm and Apiary Supplies
RFQ 174: Chemical Reagents
RFQ 164: Sewing and Delivery of PPE's
RFQ 161: Printing of Product Sticker Labels
RFQ 160: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 157: Vegetables
RFQ 146: Chemical/Reagents
RFQ 142: Laboratory Supplies (Chemicals/Reagents)
RFQ 141: Laboratory Supplies
RFQ 137: Locker Cabinets and Pushcart Trolley
RFQ 136: Farm Supplies and Materials
RFQ 135: Laboratory Supplies (Chemicals/Reagents)
RFQ 126: Construction Materials (for Window)
RFQ 120: Baking Ingredients
Reference No. 2023-104: Repair of the Elementary Laboratory School - Home Economics and Health & Science Building
                           (Invitation to Submit Quotation | Technical Specification | Plans - Main Bldg. | Plans - Home Economics, Health & Science Bldg. | Bill of Quantities
                             Detailed EstimatesCertificate of Site Inspection Report | Bid Forms & Sworn Statements | Omnibus Sworn Statement
RFQ 115: Supply and Delivery of Construction Supplies
RFQ 114: Supply, Fabricated, Installation and Delivery of the Aluminum doors and windows
RFQ 113: Laboratory Supplies and Materials 
RFQ 112: Forage Shredder (Automatic Feed)
RFQ 111: Boar
RFQ 110: Supply and Delivery of Feeds
RFQ 109: Dry Goods (Marketing)
RFQ 108: Dry Goods (Marketing)
RFQ 107: CCTV Camera with Installation
RFQ 102: Collaboration Nook and Office Furnitures
RFQ 101: Wooden Rifle Toy
RFQ 100: Hog Feeds, Hog Breeder, Rabbit Pellet, Com Grits
RFQ 98: Medical Supplies (Veterinary Teaching Hospital)
RFQ 96: Sports Equipment
RFQ 95: Supply and Delivery of Signboard
RFQ 93: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 92: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 91: Bakery Equipment
RFQ 90: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 83: Supply and Delivery of Common Office Supplies, Office Equipments and Accessories
RFQ 82: Chicken Layer Mash
RFQ 76: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 75: Baking Materials
RFQ 73: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 51: Invitation to Submit Quotation | Omnibus Sworn Statement | RFQ on Construction Supplies, Plumbing Supplies, Carpentry Tools & Filxtures
RFQ 67: Drinking Water
RFQ 66: Canteen Supplies and Materials
RFQ 64: Cooking Ingredients
RFQ 60: Supply and Delivery of Common Office Supplies and Paper Materials
RFQ 54: Cooking Ingeredients and Supplies
RFQ 53: Cooking Ingeredients
RFQ 52: Supply and Delivery of ICT Equipment 
RFQ 47: Dry Goods (Marketing)
RFQ 46: Dry Goods (Marketing)
RFQ 48: Dry Goods (Marketing)
RFQ 45: Ice cream Products
RFQ 42: Accommodation with inclusive breakfast (Baguio City)
RFQ 36: Sewing/Tailoring Materials
RFQ 32: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 31: Baking Materials
RFQ 17: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 16: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 15: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 29: Microwavable container
RFQ 24: Bottle Water
RFQ 20: Chicken Layer Mash
RFQ 14: Printing of Information Materials for 2023
RFQ 13: Mug Heat Press Machine & Sublimation Color Printer
RFQ 12: Musical Instruments
RFQ 06: Agricultural Supplies and Materials
RFQ 09: LED Wall Rental
RFQ 08: Printing Services (Information Materials)
RFQ 07: Printing Services (Shamag)
RFQ 05: Plaques
RFQ 04: Watches
RFQ 1507: ICT & Multimedia Equipment
RFQ 2023-02: Supply and Delivery of IT Semi-Expendable Equipment (Invitation | Sworn Statement)
RFQ 2023-08: Agricultural Supplies and Farm Tools (Invitation | Sworn Statement)
RFQ 2023-01: Supply and Delivery of Various Office Supplies and Paper Materials (Invitation | Sworn Statement)
RFQ 1505: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 1494: ICT Equipment & Vidoe Conferencing Subscription
Invitation to Submit Quotation Reference No. 2022-786: Various Repairs at the University Business Affairs (Gavelling, Water Tower & Water Tank, Ticket Booth)
                                                                                          Plans & Design | Detailed Estimates | Bill of Quantities | Certificate of Inspection Report
RFQ 1492: Printing of Mountain Journal of Science and Interdisciplinary Research 
RFQ 1487: Packaging of Encyclopedia (Graphics and Layouting and Editing)
RFQ 1490: Supplies and Materials for the Repair and Maintenance of Buildings
RFQ 1484: ICT Equipment
RFQ 1481: Printing and Binding of Training Materials
RFQ 1473: Plaque for Loyalty/Service Awards
RFQ 1472: Cordillera Trophies
RFQ 1471: Watches
RFQ 1459: ICT Equipment & Accessories
RFQ 1458: Printing Services
RFQ 1460: Furniture and Fixtures
RFQ 1455: Professional Services (Multimedia Production)
RFQ 1187: Office Fixtures (Carpet, Sound proofing, Table top)
RFQ 1457: ICT Equipment
RFQ 1448: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 1447: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 1439: Chicken Layer Mash
RFQ 1392: ICT Equipment and Materials
RFQ 1444: Supply, Delivery and Installation of Sound System at the Everlasting Hall
RFQ 1441: Supplies and Materials for the Repair & Maintenance of Buildings
RFQ 1408: Baking Equipment
RFQ 1437: Cooking Ingredients
RFQ 1435: ICT Equipment
RFQ 1433: Cooking Ingredients
RFQ 1427: Office/Classroom Furnitures
RFQ 1426: POS (Hardware and System)
RFQ 1420: ICT Equipment & Materials
RFQ 1419: ICT Equipment & Materials
RFQ 1418: ICT Equipment
RFQ 1421: Printing of Gate Pass Sticker
RFQ 1401: Book Binding of Journals and Magazines
RFQ 1394: Ube
RFQ 1393: Monoblock Chair
RFQ 1387: Student Locker
RFQ 1381: Cloth
RFQ 1373: LED Lights
RFQ 1378: ICT Network Tools & Materials
RFQ 1377: Office Supplies
RFQ 1375: ICT Technical Supplies and Equipment
RFQ 1368: Weaving Loom
RFQ 1364: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 1332: ICT Materials & Supplies
RFQ 1331: Electronic Equipment and Supplies
RFQ 1294: Hotel Accommodation
RFQ 1275: Cabinet
RFQ 1352: Printing Services
RFQ 1351: Books
RFQ 1331: ICT Equipment and Supplies
RFQ 1345: Clear Canister
RFQ 1344: Meals and Snacks for the 2022 RSRDEH
RFQ 1343: Meals and Snacks for the 2022 RSRDEH
RFQ  1340: Supply, Delivery and Installation of Platform Lift
RFQ 1320: Supply & Delivery of Office Equipment, IT Supplies and Electrical Supplies
RFQ 1337: Supply and Delivery of Desktops, Laptops, System Unit and Monitor
RFQ 1319: Cloth
RFQ 1318: Supply and Delivery of Printer Inks
RFQ 1317: Led Surface Type Fixture with T8 LED Tubes
RFQ 1316: Chicken Layer Mash
RFQ 1314: ICT & Multimedia Equipment
RFQ 1309: Flourescent Lamps
RFQ 148: Electrical Supplies & Materials
RFQ 146: Construction Supplies
RFQ 145: Construction Supplies
RFQ 140: General Services Tools (Grass Trimmer, Cordless Drill, etc.)
RFQ 138: Office Supplies
RFQ 137: Office Furnitures
RFQ 134: Desktop Computer
RFQ 129: Construction Supplies and Materials
RFQ 1208: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 1207: Raw Materials for Food Processings
RFQ 1306: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 1309: Flourescent Lamp
RFQ 1269: Laboratory Equipment and Materials
RFQ 1286: Printer, Nikon D5600 Camera Battery & Wireless mouse
RFQ 1299: Office Furnitures and ICT Equipment and Supplies
RFQ 1270: ICT Equipments & Multimedia Equipment
RFQ 1268: Office Electronics & ICT Equipments
RFQ 1267: ICT Equipments & Multimedia Equipment
RFQ 1265: ICT Equipment & DSLR
RFQ 1261: Construction Materials and Supplies
RFQ 1262: Subscription for Hosting (Web and VPS)
RFQ 1258: Printing and Binding of Conference Proceedings
RFQ 1252: ICT Network Equipment
RFQ 1245: ICT/Multimedia Supplies
RFQ 1253: Tshirts (for Regional Symposium)
RFQ 1242: Home Furnitures (University Guestels)
RFQ 1240: Supply and Deliveries of Photocopiers
RFQ 1196: ICT Network Materials
RFQ 1209: Printing and Binding of Book - Module
RFQ 1208: Consultation Meeting Meals
RFQ 1162: Motorpool Supplies
RFQ 1161: Motorpool Supplies
RFQ 1192: Supply and Delivery of Janitorial Supplies
RFQ 1191: Supply and Delivery of Construction Supplies
RFQ 1190: Plastic, Aphid Mesh Net, Wiggie Wire
RFQ 1158: Supply and Delivery of Network Materials (ICT)
RFQ 1149: DSLR Camera
RFQ 1148: PC Desktop Set
RFQ 1145: Beddings and Towels
RFQ 1144: Furnitures
RFQ 1143: Repair of Espresso Machine
RFQ 1140: Rootcrops and Baking Ingredients
RFQ 1133: Supply and Delivery of Construction Supplies
RFQ 1121: Dormitory Furnitures 
RFQ 1116: Delivery Supply of Tshirt & Bag (Conference)
RFQ 1101: Dry Goods (Wines)
RFQ 1099: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 1111: Household Cleaning Supplies
RFQ 1103: Cash Register Machine
RFQ 1081: Ingredients (Food Processing)
RFQ 1075: Cooking Ingredients
RFQ 1087: Musical Instruments
RFQ 1085: Storage, Customes (Benguet Attire, Traditional Blankets, Beads)
RFQ 1088: Gown & Barong
RFQ 1083: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 1080: Insurance Coverage for the BSU Studentry School Year 2022-2023 (September 2022 to August 2023) - La Trinidad Campus
RFQ 1067: Office Storage & Water Dispenser
RFQ 1066: Gym Equipment
RFQ 1076: Communication and Multimedia Equipment 
RFQ 1075: Cooking Ingredients (Chicken, Pork, Beef, Fish, etc.)
RFQ 1074: Cooking Ingredients/Caterings Materials
RFQ 1063: 1 Lot Supply and Delivery Furniture & Fixtures for CCJE 
RFQ 1059: Advertisement and Publication (Print & Broadcast)
RFQ 1058: Cleaning Materials
RFQ 1048: ICT Equipment and Accessories 
RFQ 1046: Constructions/Electrical Equipment & Materials
RFQ 1041: Cooking Ingredients
RFQ 1038: Dining Utensils (spoons, plates, etc.)
RFQ 1037: Pigs, Cattle & Chicken 
RFQ 1036: Musical Instruments (Banduria, Octavina, Laud, Double Bass)
RFQ 1035: Pure Coconut Cooking Oil
RFQ 1022: Construction/Electrical Supplies
RFQ 1028: Supply & Delivery of Various Supplies & Materials for Christmas Lights for BSU La Trinidad Campus
RFQ 1019: 1 Lot Supply & Delivery of IT Supplies & Equipment
RFQ 1011: Multimedia/ICT/Office Equipment 
RFQ 1015: Dry Good Supplies (Maketing)
RFQ 1016: Dry Good Supplies (Maketing)
RFQ 1006: Bakery Supplies 
RFQ 996: Point of Sale Software
RFQ 105: Internet Subscription
RFQ 104: Network Infra Equipment & Materials
RFQ 102: MacBook Air & Camera
RFQ 1003: Supply & Delivery of Various Construction & Plumbing Supplies
RFQ 1000: Ingredients (Bakery)
RFQ 983: Ingredients & Canteen Supplies
RFQ 977: Tailoring Materials and Supplies
RFQ 985: Laboratory Supplies (Chemicals & other materials)
RFQ 964: Wooden Riffle (for ROTC Training)
RFQ 986: ICT Supplies and Printer Inks
RFQ 974: Office Fixtures
RFQ 971: Equipment (Agar)
RFQ 962: Camera Accessories
RFQ 961: Books
RFQ 968: Executive Ergonomic Chair with Pullout Stool
RFQ 963: Ingredients
RFQ 967: Fabrication and Delivery of Computer Table
RFQ 960: Insurance Coverage for BSU Studentry (September 2022 to August 2023) SY 2022-2023 - La Trinidad, Campus
RFQ 958: Supply and Delivery of Printer Inks
RFQ 954: Construction Supply
RFQ 953: CCTV Package
RFQ 944: Laboratory Equipment (Etag Project)
RFQ 943: Materials for Floor & Wall Tiling; Wall Repainting; Wood Ceiling Clading for Archive
RFQ 932: Supply & Delivery of Various Construction Supplies
RFQ 690: Printer Inks
RFQ 925: Janitorial Supplies
RFQ 924: Medicine Supplies
RFQ  928: Various Equipment for Multimedia & Communication (wireless microphone, stand, LED Light, Tripod, Router, etc.)
RFQ 922: ICT Equipment (Desktop PC, Monitor, Printer) & Smart TV
RFQ 919: Laboratory Supplies (Potato Program Project)
RFQ 921: Bakery Equipment
RFQ 918: Laboratory Materials (Potato Program Project)
RFQ 903: Merchandise Goods
RFQ 904: Merchandise Goods
RFQ 912: Photocopy of 2021 In-house Review Proceedings
RFQ 908: Desktop Computer
Invitation to Submit Quotation (RFQ 2022-907): 1Lot  Supply and Delivery of Brand-New Desktop Computers and Central Processing Univer (CPU)
RFQ 897: NICER Potato Program (Various Materials (farm & lab))
RFQ 889: Chicken Layer Mash
RFQ 888: Stationary Bike & Mountain Bike
RFQ 887: Smart TV LED & 12FX Audio Mixer
RFQ 885: Motorpool Supplies
RFQ 811: Assorted Raw Materials: Vegetables and Fruits
RFQ 884: Bakery Supplies
RFQ 871: Stainless Water Tank and Grass Trimmer/Brushcutter
RFQ 873: Delivery of Agricultural Supplies/Equipment
RFQ 876: Farm Tools & Seeds
RFQ 849: Security Gate: IP Based Door Access Control Panel & RFID Card Reader
RFQ 848: Acrylic Glass Divider for Library Counter (2 Sets)
RFQ 783: Merchandise Supplies
RFQ 825: Supply and Installation Services - Dividing Curtains/Drapes
RFQ 817: Constructions Supplies
RFQ 809: Mushroom Project Materials
RFQ 807: Mushroom Project Materials
RFQ 824: Printer Ink and Toner Supplies
RFQ 805: Supply, Delivery, Installation and Set-up of CCTV 
RFQ 798: ICT Equipment, Shredder
RFQ 796: Supply and Delivery of Various IT Supplies
RFQ 793: ICT Equipment & Supplies
RFQ 820: Packaging Materials (Pet Jars, Plastic Bag)
RFQ 797: Food Products (Marketing Center)
RFQ 791: Chicken Layer Mash
RFQ 637: Food Processing Materials
Ref No. 2022-742: Repair and Improvement of Diffused Light Yam Storage
                               (Invitation | Certificate of Site Inspection Report | Bill of Quantities | Detailed Estimates | Plans & Design | Technical Specification)
RFQ 767: Agricultural Supplies
RFQ 773: Supply and Delivery of Various Printer Inks
RFQ 756: Farm/Laboratory Supplies
RFQ 755: Laboratory Supplies (Chemicals)
RFQ 735: Printer and Tower Fan
RFQ 736: IT/Multimedia Equipment
RFQ 740: Supply and Delivery of Agricultural Supplies
RFQ 738: Laboratory Supplies
RFQ 726: Feeds Supply
RFQ 699: Tiling & Civil Works at the Library Archives Rooms
RFQ 698: Supply, Delivery and Installation of Bracing and Lighting 
RFQ 733: LED Wall Rental
RFQ 732: ICT Equipment (Multimedia Projector, Data/Connector Cable)
RFQ 725: Food Processing (Ingredients)
RFQ 717: Baking Supplies (Ingredients)
RFQ 714: Food Processing (Ingredients)
RFQ 637: Food Processing Materials
RFQ 711: Rotary Oven
RFQ 707: Baking/Cooking Ingredients
RFQ 706: Construction Supplies
RFQ 704: Seeds and Farm Tools
RFQ 702: Murashige and Skoog Basal Medium
RFQ 694: Farm Supplies and Tools 
RFQ 636: Chicken Layer Mash
RFQ 700: Books
RFQ 693: Printing of Product Sticker Labels
RFQ 688: Plumbing/Construction Materials
Reference No. 2022-686: Invitation to Submit Quotation for the Repair of BSU Water Tank
                                          Invitation | Detailed Estimates | Plans & Designs | Bid Forms & Sworn Statements | Bill of Quantities | Certificate of Site Inspections | Technical Specifications
RFQ 677: Baking Ingredients
RFQ 681: Graduation Souvenir Program
RFQ 680: Achievement and Recognition Souvenir Program
RFQ 679: Button Pins (for Graduate)
RFQ 669: Desktop PC
RFQ 664: Dual Inverter Split Type Aircon
RFQ 675: Grasscutter
RFQ 658: Kitchen Utensils and Appliances
RFQ 651: Office Furniture and Storage Box
RFQ 644: Construction and Plumbing Supplies
RFQ 636: Chicken Layer Mash
RFQ 641: Marketing Supplies (Dry Good)
RFQ 640: Marketing Supplies (Dry Good)
RFQ 629: Cookies (Malunggay & Carrot)
RFQ 620: Bottled Drinking Water
RFQ 637: Food Processing Materials and Equipment
RFQ 618: Electrical Supplies
RFQ 617: Electrical Supplies_Christmas Lights & Stand
RFQ 590: Marketing Supplies (Dry-goods)
RFQ 589: Marketing Supplies
RFQ 613: Ingredients and Canteen Materials
RFQ 610: Food Packaging Materials
RFQ 603: Pure Coconut Cooking Oil
RFQ 599: Cacao Products and Laboratory Equipment (Cacao Project)
RFQ 597: Supply, Delivery and Installation of Materials for Enhancement of Function Hall 
RFQ 591:  Farm Supplies (seeds, fertilizer, compost, etc)
RFQ 592: Internet Connectivity Subscription (1 Year)
RFQ 578: Supply and Installation Services (Curtains)
RFQ 456: Baking Ingredients 
RFQ 577: Eyewash and Shower Safety Station
RFQ 575: Repair and Upgrade of Tables
RFQ 567: Carpentry/Construction Supplies
RFQ 566: Plumbing Materials
RFQ 565: Carpentry Supplies
RFQ 564: Electrical Supplies 
RFQ 544: Dining Sets & Kitchen Utensils (Plates, Spoons, Dish Rack, Cups, Water Goblet, Trolley)
RFQ 562: ICT Equipment (Laptop, DSLR Camera, Printer)
RFQ 561: Various Equipment (CCTV, Flashligh, Car Battery Charger, Jump Starter Cable)
RFQ 493: Office Equipment (Laminating Machine, Water Dispenser, Fan, Shredder)
RFQ 548: Copier with Automatic Reverse Document Digital Copier
RFQ 547: Printing (Annual Report)
RFQ 533: ICT Equipment (PC, Laptop, Printer)
RFQ 541: Binding Machine & Electric Cutting Machine
RFQ 536: Dehumidifier and Power Inventer
RFQ 534: Layer Grower Mash Feeds
RFQ 527: Garment Supplies and Materials
RFQ 522: Poultry Supplies
RFQ 521: Library Materials & other Reading References preferably bundled with e-book
RFQ 530: Procurement of Varios Construction, Plumbing, Electrical Supplies | Invitation to Submit Quotation
RFQ 516: Medical Supplies (Medicines)
RFQ 514: Medical Supplies
RFQ 508: Dry Good (Food Products)
RFQ 507: Dry Goods (Food Products)
RFQ 503: Grocery Push Carts & Baskets
RFQ 502: ICT Equipment (PC & Camera DSLR)
RFQ  492: Agricultrual Equipment (Mushroom supplies, water/soil level sensors, arduino kits)
RFQ 482: Medical Supplies
RFQ 365: Consultancy Services (Expansion of CF Building)
RFQ 498: Installation Supplies (gypsum screw, tox, cordless drill set) (attached design)
RFQ 496:  Fabrication, Delivery and Installation of Aluminum Framed Sliding Glass (with Specifications)
RFQ 488: Construction Supplies
RFQ 490: Office Supplies (storage box, printer)
RFQ 491:  Agricultural Supplies
RFQ 487:  Chemicals and Reagents; Glass Supplies and Various Laborarory Supplies
RFQ 470: Laboratory Materials
RFQ 464: Laboratory Supplies (chemicals)
RFQ 457: Drug Testing and Analysis
RFQ 445: Delivery and Installation of Modular Table Set
RFQ 462: ICT Equipment
RFQ 458: Printing and Binding (Data Privacy Manuals)
RFQ 454: Computer Parts
RFQ 452: Pergamenata (for Diploma, medals)
RFQ 451: Supplies for ID
RFQ 450: Printing and Binding of Book-Module
RFQ 442: Cultural Instruments (Tambdi, bamboo flute) and Custom (Cordillera)
(RFQ 441: Benguet Attire
RFQ 440: Musical Instruments
RFQ 434: Construction Materials
RFQ 408:  Feeds
RFQ 407: Chemicals & Laboratory & Medical Equipment
RFQ 388: ICT Equipment (Layer 3 Smart Switch)
RFQ 411: Common Office Supplies
RFQ 414: Laboratory Materials (labels, styrofoam boxes)
RFQ 403: Ingredients (fruits and vegetables)
RFQ 400: Baking Ingedients
RFQ 393: Baking Ingedients
RFQ 391: Project Marker
RFQ 365: Consultancy Services on Structural Design and Analysis for the Expansion of College of Forestry Building
RFQ 387: One Lot Supply and Delivery of Construction Supply
RFQ 378: Smart TV & Audio Mixer
RFQ 390: Medical Supplies
RFQ 369: Laboratory Supplies
RFQ 381: Food Products
RFQ 376: Food Products
RFQ 374: Supply & Delivery of Inks and Mainenace Box for Epson Workforce Pro WF-C869R
RFQ 350: Various Laboratory Supplies
RFQ 372: 1 Lot Supply & Delivery of IT Supplies
RFQ 364: Ingredients (Baking)
RFQ 369: Ingedients
RFQ 351: ICT Equipment (PC, Printer, Monitor)
RFQ 347: Colored Copier
RFQ 357: Vegetables 
RFQ 363: Baking Ingredients (Ube)
RFQ 362: Baking Ingredients

Archives - RFQ

RFQ 350: Various Laboratory Supplies
RFQ 347: Colored Copier
RFQ 336: Solar Panel
RFQ 345: Kitchen Supplies (Ingredients and Utensils)
RFQ 335: ICT Equipment (Desktop & Laptop)
RFQ 333: Planner 2022
RFQ 315: Medical Supplies (NSTP)
RFQ 328: Baking Supplies
RFQ 217: Kitchen Wares
RFQ 218: Janitorial Supplies
RFQ 322: Baking Equipment
RFQ 320: Baking Equipment
RFQ 281: Baking Supplies
RFQ 321: Baking Supplies
RFQ 309: Baking Supplies
RFQ 301: Insulation, greenhouse plastic poly permanent repair, etc (NPRCRTC-DOST-GIA Purple Yam)
RFQ 280: Printing of COVID 19 Protocols for the Limited Face to Face Classes
RFQ 312: Medical Supplies (Veterinary Teaching Hospital)
RFQ 312: Supply and Delivery of Feeds
RFQ 291: Laboratory Analysis (metal analysis for soil and plants)
RFQ 295: Supply and Delivery of Ink and Toners (ORS)
RFQ 311: Supply and Delivery of Ink and Toners
RFQ 299: Poultry Supplies
RFQ 290: Laboratory Supplies (Chemicals)
RFQ 304: Supply, Delivery and Installation of Clear Glass
RFQ 296: Construction Supplies (Ladies' Dormitory)
RFQ 285: Laboratory and Medical Equipment
RFQ 283: Medical Supplies (UHS)
RFQ 278: Supply, Delivery and Installation of 1 Unit Generator
RFQ 265: Medical Supplies (Medicines)
RFQ 163: ICT Equipment (OP)
RFQ 162: ICT Equipment (GSO)
RFQ 264: Laboratory Supplies
RFQ 260: Agricultural Supplies
RFQ 262: Library Materials and other Reading References
RFQ 259: Supply, Delivery and Installation of 1 unit Airconditioner 
RFQ 252: Procurement of Various Construction, Plumbing, Electrical Supplies and Carpentry Tools
                 (Invitation | RFQ | Omnibus Sworn Statement)
RFQ 194: Supply and Delivery of Feeds
RFQ 199: Repairs and Maintenance Expenses of Machineries
RFQ 198: Supplies Repairs and Maintenance of Building
RFQ 215: Supply, Delilvery and Installation of Sliding Windows
RFQ 178: Agricultural Supplies (NPRCRTC-DA ACEF Purple Yum)
RFQ 177: Agricultural Supplies (NPRCRTC-DA ACEF Purple Yum)
RFQ 184: Construction Supplies
RFQ 179: Various Construction, Plumbing, Electrical and Carpentry Tools 
RFQ 171: Agricultural Construction Supplies
RFQ 157: Food Processing Equipment
RFQ 156: Laboratory Supplies
RFQ 152: Plastics, Nets, Mesh
RFQ 132: Supply and Develivery of ICT Equipment & Office Equipment
RFQ 128: Supply and Delivery of Cell Cards for  BSU - La Trinidad Campus
RFQ 114: Common Supplies
RFQ 149: Procurement of Smart Karaoke