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Research and Extension Directories
 Carlito P. Laurean, Ph.D.
 Vice President for Research and Extension 
 Contact No(s): +63.74.422.5547
 Field of Specialization(s): Soil Science (Soil Fertility, Soil Survey, Classification 
 Constantino T. Sudaypan, Ph.D.
 Director, Office of Extension Services
 Contact No(s).: +63.74.422.1877
 Field of Specialization(s): Rural Development
 Belinda A. Tad-awan, Ph.D.
 Director, Office of Research Services and
 Director, Higher Education Regional Research Center
 Contact No(s).: +63.74.422.1877
 Field of Specialization(s): Agronomy, Plant Breeding, Crop Genetic Resources
 Prof. Andres A. Basalong
 Director, Northern Philippine Root Crops Research and Training Center
 Contact No(s): +63.74.4222.2439
 Field of Specialization(s): Plant Pathology, Disease Management
 Prof. Valentino L. Macanes
 Director, Institute of Highland Farming System & Agroforesty
 Contact No(s): +63.422.1877
 Field of Specialization(s): Plant Pathology, Agroforestry
 Ruth S. Batani, Ph.D.
 Director, Institute of Social Research and Development
 Contact No(s): +63.422.1877
 Field of Specialization(s): Development Anthropology, Social Science/
                                        Health Social Science
 Prof. Jocelyn C. Perez
 Director, Cordillera Organic Agriculture Research & Development Center
 Contact No(s).: +63.74.422.1877
 Field of Specialization(s): Plant Pathology, Entomology
 Ruth C. Diego, Ph.D.
 Director, Agri-based Technology Business Incubator/Innovation Center
 Contact No(s).: +63.47.424.3490
 Prof. Alexander W. Fagyan
 Director, Climate Smart Agriculture Center
 Contact No(s).: +63.74.422.1877
 Prof. Paquito P. Untalan
 Director, Cordillera Regional Apiculture Center
 Contact No (s): +63.74.422.
 Aurea Marie M. Sandoval, Ph.D.
 Director, Research and Extension Publication Office
 Contact No(s): +63.74.422.1877
 Field of Specialization(s): Biology
 Violeta B. Salda, Ph.D.
 Director, Food Science Research and Innovation Center
 Contact No(s).: +63.74.422-4244
 Field of Specialization(s): Food Science, Agronomy/Postharvest Technology
 Janet S. Luis, Ph.D.
 Director, Horticultural Training Institute
 Contact No(s).: +63.74.422.1877
 Field of Specialization(s): Plant Pathology
 Jesson Y. Del-amen, Ph.D.
 Director, Intellectual Property Rights
 Contact No(s).: