Bids and Awards

Invitation to Bid
IB 2019-24 Procurement of Various Laboratory Furniture and Fixtures
                   (Invitation to Bid | List of Items)
IB 2019-23 Procurement of Laboratory Equipment
                   (Invitation to bid | List of Items)
IB 2019-22: Procurement of 1 lot various inks and toner
                   (Invitation to Bid | List of inks and toners)
IB 2019-21: Procurement of various Agricultural Supplies
                    (Invitation to Bid | List of Supplies)
IB 2019- 20: Procurement of 1 lot Various Construction Materials and Supplies
                     (Invitation to Bid | List of Materials and Supplies)
IB 2019-17: Procurement of Fuel, Oil, Lubricants and Other Supplies
                    (Invitation to Bid | Detailed List)
2019-18 Procurement of Security Services for BSU Land reservation Areas
IB 2019- 19: Procurement of 1 lot Janitorial Supplies (Invitation to Bid | List of Items)
Awarded Projects
IB 2019-277: Expansion of University Clinic - Phase II
IB 2019-05: Repair of Road Network
IB 2019-276: Rehabilitation of Motorpool
2019-16: Procurement of 67 Sets SOLAR LED Street Light with Lamp Post & Accessories 
(Invitation to Bid | Specifications)
Reference No. 2019-1242: Second Invitation for the Repair of Perimeter Fence 
Reference No. 2019-1242: Repair of Perimeter Fence of R&D Complex
ITB 2019-12A: Rehabilitation & Upgrading of University Campus Lighting System 
ITB 2019-8A: Procurement of 1 lot HPTLC Accessories / List of Laboratory Equipment