General Admission Requirements

Graduate Program
 - Notice of Acceptance **
 - Official Transcript of Records
 - Medical Slip from the University Clinic
 - Transfer credentials (from other schools)
 - Accomplished Application Form 
 - Two latest colored photo ID (2” x 2”) with name tag

Undergraduate Program
- Notice of Admission (NOA)*
 - Form 138/ALS Certificate (freshmen)
 - Transfer credentials (transferees)
 - Certification of Good Moral Character from previous school
 - Accomplished Application Form (available in website)
 - NSO birth certificate
 - Two latest colored photo ID (2” x 2”) with name tag

Foreign Students (additional requirements)
 - Certification of Financial Statement/Support or Endorsement letter from Benefactor, authenticated by the Embassy/Consulate of Country of Origin addressed to the University President through
   the University Vice-President of Academic Affairs;
 - Personal Letter of intendment addressed to the University President through the University Vice-President of Academic Affairs;
 - Original copy of Red Ribbon (for transferees, submit a photocopy); Official Transcript of Records (translated in English), with Grading System or equivalent of grades;
    Diplomal Certificate of Good Moral Character;
 - Valid Visa (photocopy of Passport bearing the bio-page, latest arrival with valid authorized stay with at least 1 month);
 - Photocopy of valid Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR I) Card (if applicable);
 - Bureau of Quarantine, upon admission (if applicable);
 - National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance, if the date of first arrival in the Philippines is six (6) months or more;
 - Result of TOEFL/IELTS where English is not the medium of instruction (if applicable);
 - Two (2) pcs. of latest colored photo ID (2" x 2"). 

Admission of Transferees (things to do in order)
 - Processing time: 2 weeks before enrollment
 1. To the college concerned (where priority course is offered):
     * Secure Application form for Admission for Transferee (AFAT)
     * Fill-out and present AFAT and Certified Copy of Grades from former school for initial evaluation
     * Secure endorsement for BSU-Admission Test (BSU-AT), if neccessary
 2. To Office of Student Services (OSS):
     * Present AFAT for action and College endorsment for BSU-AT
     * Prepare for interview and evaluation and scheduling of BSU-AT
 3. To University Medical Clinic:
     * Present AFAT for action
     * Submit Chest X-Ray result, 2 copies 2x2 ID pictures
     * Have Physical Examination
 4. Office of the University Registrar (OUR) submit the following:
    * Filled-out and evaluated AFAT
    * Transfer Credentials, True Copy of Grades
    * Certificate of Good Moral Character
    * Medical Certificate
    * Original PSA Birth Certificate
    * Two (2) pcs. of latest 2X2 ID picture with name tag
    * Result of Evaluation and Equivalency form (if necessary)

*Notice of Admission (NOA)–Given to incoming college students who qualified in the BSU-Admission Test (BSU-AT)
** Given to qualified applicant after being evaluated by the Evaluation Committee.