The Lone Cordi TOSP

Aiming to empower the young citizenry in the locality, newly-crowned Top Outstanding Student of the Philippines (TOSP), Apolinario ‘Apoli’ Bagano Jr., a graduate of Development Communications of Benguet State University (BSU), directs his path to continue in his academic pursuit. This time around, the Law School.

Parents as partners; CTE pushes for parent-student orientation

Dr. Imelda G. Parcasio discussing the importance of wearing uniforms to CTE freshmen and their parents.

The wounded Cordillera: A towering bastion against climate change

On Monday (July 6, 2015), as the season of storms and floods begin anew, interfaith leaders, environmentalists, and academicians convened in Baguio City to re-examine the promise and the problems of the Cordillera mountain region, a major bastion of the country against climate change.