Course Program

Objectives of the Program
Students who finish the MS in Entomology are able to:
a. Utilize scientific approach to identify issues and solve problems associated with insects and other arthropods;
b. Design and demonstrate effective strategies in teaching, and in generating and sharing new knowledge and technologies in entomology; and
c. Integrate and apply the knowledge and skills in their own vocation.

Course Requirements
     The Master of Science in Entomology degree shall be awarded to students who finish a minimum total of 37 units. These are: 18 units major courses, 4 units core courses, 9 units minor courses, and 6 units thesis. The student may opt to take 9 additional units in entomology if not interested to have a minor field. The minor field may either be in plant pathology or other fields in agriculture or related fields.

     Students whose undergraduate major field is not entomology are required to take the required undergraduate courses. These are Entom 101 - General Entomology, Entom 110 - Insect Morphology, Entom 120 - Insect Physiology, Entom 140 - Insect Ecology and Entom 150 - Insect Systematics.