GAD Units Prepares for Gender Mainstreaming



     In preparation for gender mainstreaming or the integration of Gender and Development perspectives to programs, activities and projects of BSU, various trainings were conducted by the GAD Unit for the enhancement of BSU GAD programs and for the University constituents to be aware of those programs. This was according to GAD Unit director, Frances Escalera. 
     Activities anchored in celebration of the Women’s Month include two batches of Training-Workshops Integrating GAD Perspectives in Protocols for Report preparation attended by 60 non-teaching front liners. The first batch was held on March 2-4, 2016 followed by the second batch on March 15-17, 2016 at the Solibao Hall, NPRCRTC. It was a three- day activity consisting lectures on Basic Customer Service, presentation of protocols in report preparation and a gender sensitivity training. Gender sensitivity trainings aim to raise one’s awareness on gender concepts, perspectives and issues. 
    Part of GAD’s goal is to inculcate gender perspectives into the four core functions of the University. Thus, the ISRD in partnership with GAD conducted a Writeshop on Gender Mainstreaming in Research held on March 31- April 1, 2016. Participants were shown how to identify the gender issues imbedded in their research topics and integrate gender sensitive methodologies in the conduct of their researches. A total of 16 research proposal were presented. 
     In addition, a team building activity for the College of Veterinary Medicine entitled Gender and Development (GAD): Competency Advancement for Responsible and Equitable Service (CARES) was also conducted to stimulate good relationships of the CVM faculty and staff which is important in achieving goals. 
     BSU students also took part of the Women’s Month Celebration. A photo exhibit showcasing the indigenous knowledge of women in food preparation and security, Women in Education, Role of Youth in Nation Building and Health Management was made possible in partnership with CAS, CTE, and CN. Photos were evaluated based on their social relevance, description, and aesthetic value. BSU products were given to the winners. 
     GAD related student activities were the GAD Orientation and Tutuk Lasat: Project Strive of the CF and CVM; lectures on the Magna Carta of Women, Violence against Children and RA 7877 also known as the Anti-Sexual Harassment Law attended by Social Science students and a forum on Women and Climate Change of the Biology Department in partnership with the GAD Unit.//Shienley B. Balacay