Visit Us

      Located strategically in the municipality of La Trinidad, Benguet State University is open to groups who would like to schedule field trips and benchmarking trips. Aside from the different colleges and institutes (link), the university also holds different centers and projects( link) which can be used as venues for worthwhile visits. Most visited are the following:

- The BSU Bakery produces different kinds of bread. From its trademark flavour breads to pastries,
the trip to the bakery makes one’s mouth crave for this delicacies. 

Food Processing Center
- The university grows different produce and processes these as jams, spreads, dessert bars, etc.
Visitors get to see the procedures of making these items.

Marketing Center ,Souvenir and Gift Shop
- All the food products and other items are in these shops. Strawberry jams, ube halaya, tarts,
Shirts and mugs among others are good pasalubong treats.

     Visitors can also stay in one of the university’s guest houses. (list of guest houses and rates)
Please send or fax a request letter addressed to
         Dr. Feliciano G. Calora, Jr.
         President, Benguet State University
         La, Trinidad, Benguet
         Telefax: (074) 422-2009

     Or you may email your letter through the University Public Affairs office address:

     Please specify the expected time and date of arrival at BSU, estimated number of participants, specific place/s you want to visit and contact details of the trip coordinator.

     See you soon at Benguet State University. Experience and Enjoy!