US university professor lectures in RDE seminar series

By upao - Posted on 19 September 2013

Dr. Bharathan Narayanaswamy, professor of Plant Pathology and Molecular Biology at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA was in BSU on September 16, 2013 for the RDE Seminar Series.

The topic he presented and discussed were the results of his work on Modern Approaches to Detection of Biological Agents Using Biosensors and Functional Genomics of Host Pathogen Interactions in Fungal Pathosystems.

“The topic is very interesting but very few are trained on it,” remarked VP for Research and Extension, Dr. Luciana M. Villanueva. She then encouraged the participants to make the best out of the opportunity to listen and interact meaningfully with Dr. Bharathan.

The seminar was organized by the University Plant Health Clinic headed by Dr. Asuncion Nagpala, the College of Agriculture (CA)-Phytopathological Society, and the CA-Department of Plant Pathology.

Dr. Narayanaswamy holds two post-doctoral degrees from the University of Florida and University of South Dakota. He has published more than 50 articles in research journals.

Dr. Narayanaswamy also met with Dr. Ben D. Ladilad before the seminar for courtesy and exploratory talks on possible collaboration works.//Jen S. Tabangcura