University Officials and Contacts

Name Position/Designation Contact Details
Calora, Feliciano Jr. President +63-74-422-2281
Lubrica, Percyveranda
Vice President for Academics +63-74-422-2127 loc 16
Laurean, Carlito Vice President for Research & Extension +63-74-422-5547
Feliciano, Jones Vice President for Business Administration  
Daclan, Estrellita OIC - Vice President for Administration and Finance  
Belino, Pelin Dean, College of Home Economics +63-74-422-2127 loc 24
Carlos, Editha Dean, College of Engineering and Applied Technology
+63-74-422-2127 loc 23
Diego, Ruth
Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine +63-74-422-2127 loc 59
Parcasio, Imelda Dean, College of Teacher Education +63-74-422-2127 loc 26
Natividad, Doris Dean, College of Nursing +63-74-422-2127 loc 25
Samonte, Leonardo Dean, College of Arts & Sciences +63-74-422-2127 loc 22
Maddul, Sonwright Dean, College of Agriculture +63-74-422-2127 loc 21
Wacangan, Vicente  Dean, College of Forestry +63-74-422-5305
Bolinto, Henry 
Executive Dean, Buguias Campus  
Molintas, Edgar Executive Dean, Bokod Campus
Gomez, Romeo  Director, Open University +63-74-309-2353
Bawang, Rex John Director, Institute of Physical Education and Sports +63-74-422-2127 loc 30
Comila, Felipe Director, Institute of Public Administration
 Angiwan, Evelyn Director, International Language Center +63-74-309-3880
  Director, Horticulture Research & Training Institute +63-74-422-2127 
Batani, Ruth Director, ISRD +63-74-422-4380
Cardona Jr., Eulogio Director, Research Services +63-74-422-1877
 Macanes, Valentino Director, IHFSA  
 Paran, Canuto Director, General Services  +63-74-422-2127 loc 40
 Fang-asan, Ma. Luz Director, Planning & Development  
 Toledo, Marilyn Director, Office of the Registrar +63-74-422-2127 loc 33
Jean Jeannette

Director, Office of Student Services +63-74-422-2043
Tad-awan, Belinda Director, Higher Education Regional Research Center  
 Del-amen, Jesson Director, Intellectual Property Rights Office
Gonzales, Inez Director, NPRCRT +63-74-422-2439
Jacalan, Gilda Director, University Public Affairs Office +63-74-309-3883
Ricardo, Marjorie Director, University Library Services +63-74-422-2127 loc 24
Rapuso, Mary Joy Chief, Finance Division +63-74-422-2127 loc 10
Angiwan Jr., Matias Chief, Administrative Division +63-74-422-2176
Lubrica, Joel Director, Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office