University agricultural engineers exceed licensure examination national passing rate, aspire for excellence

By BSU UPAO - Posted on 04 September 2017

The College of Engineering and Applied Technology (CEAT) graduates exceeded the Licensure Examination for Agricultural Engineers’ (LEAE) national passing rate as released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on August 30, 2017.

Out of 48 BSUexaminees, there were 25 who passed the exam, among which is Engr. Rod C. Dumanog who made it to the Top 2 with an average individual rating of 82.98%. According to CEAT dean Editha D. Carlos, it was another first time in seven years that the college had exceeded the passing rate.

“I’m very proud and very grateful,” expressed Carlos who further said that the patience and efforts of the college faculty, staff, and the students have come to fruition.

Anent, Carlos said that the offering of Course Audit has been a great aid in facilitating the graduates in reviewing for the LEAE. She also added that in addition to the current CEAT curriculum, the presence of equipment for the laboratory classes have boosted the morale of aspiring agricultural engineers in the praxis of their degree.

Carlos further stated that the result of the exam is truly an overwhelming feat and would encourage aspiring engineers to enroll. She said that in continuity, the college would also aspire to become a Center of Development in the future. //MDPenchog