Student Achievers and Year’s Best recognized at Baguio Convention Center

By jtabangcura - Posted on 06 June 2017


It was a new atmosphere as 318 academic achievers and 85 year’s best awardees of Benguet State University were honored at the Baguio Convention Center during the Achievement and Recognition program on June 1, 2017.

The awardees were led by BS Agribusiness student, Alladin Bañez who earned the highest average grade of 1.29 aside from being one of the Agribusiness Students of the Year.

Nover M. Matso, a BSU Alumnus who ranked third during the 2008 Forestry Licensure Examination and a current faculty of the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University was the guest speaker. Matso was described by BSU President, Dr. Feliciano G. Calora, Jr. as humble, intelligent, ambitious and one who believes in hard and honest work.

Matso began his speech by congratulating the achievers and their parents. He then defined an achiever as the kind of student who is committed, hard-working and disciplined.

“Kayo yung mga estudyante na nagsusunog ng kilay, nagpupuyat, ken masapul pay nga anawaen tapno sumardeng pay nga ag-study (You are the students who stay up late and needs to be scolded so that you will take a break from studying),” he said as the students began to cheer.

“You are the kind of students who know their priorities, focus and their goals in life. As an achiever, I do believe that you have made your parents as well as your teachers proud. I myself have seen the joy in my parents’ eyes when I told them that I am an achiever in 2008. Don’t stop being an achiever, success is a journey not the destination, nu ada kayon ti trabaho (when you are already working), wherever you will be, continue to be an achiever,” he added.
In a response, Bañez thanked Matso for ‘helping us realize that determination is always the key to success’.

“Education, as defined by a famous philosopher is learning what is good, true and beautiful. Never rely on your skills and abilities, never just rely on them, values still matter in your journey to success,” said Bañez. He ended his response by encouraging his fellow academic achievers and year’s best awardees to do their best in everything so that they can change the world.

The Student Achievement and Recognition Program is held to recognize students who have been excelling in every corner of student life. This yearly practice is intended to reinforce the University’s capacity to nurture the personal and social responsibility of its students.//JSTabangcura