SENASA of Argentina Eyes BSU as Source of Experts

By admin - Posted on 16 December 2013

     “I am a witness to your commitment and dedication”-AACCUP Coordinator
     At the advent of the 5-day AACCUP accreditation on December 5-7, AACCUP overall coordinator, Dr. Namerod F. Mateo, expressed his admiration to BSU’s commitment and dedication to its own development as evidenced by the well-prepared accreditation.
     The Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) has already accredited more than 90% of BSU’s degree programs. From December 5-7, the degrees on BS Agriculture, BS Nursing, and the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine were surveyed by the team led by Dr. Namerod for Level IV while BS Agricultural Engineering and MS Agricultural Economics were surveyed for Level III and M Resource Management, for Level II.
     “AACCUP Accreditation is the first step towards international ISO accreditation and this is important because this is how we will know where we are strong and where we are weak,” said BSU President Ben D. Ladilad as he sincerely thanked the AACCUP team.
     During the Exit Conference on December 6 and after expressing eloquently their observations and recommendations, the accreditors encouraged University stakeholders to be the best for the University and for the administration to continue granting meritorious awards as a way to motivate the faculty and staff to excel. They also appreciated the warm hospitality they received and shared the candid moments they had.
     The AACCUP survey team members are Dr. Eden G. Agcaoili of CLSU; Dr. Julpha M. Agustin and Dr. Emeranciana B. Claraval of ISU; Dr. Jacquilene V. Bagunu and Dr. Evangeline A. Galatierra of PAC; Dr. Marita F. Bancual of NVSU; Dr. Alberto M. Cabrera, Prof. Charito P. Cadag, Dr. Evelyn R. Reyteran, and Dr. Adelfa A. Villaflor of CBSUA; Dr. Heidi C. Dyangko of BU, Prof. Ana S. Fajanilan, Prof. Amada S. Mayuga, and Prof. Jonathan P. Wong of RSU; Dr. Marilyn S. Monreal of SSU; Prof Rebecca B. Napiere of VSU; Dr. Felino R. Neri; Prof Ofelia O. Valdehueza of DMMMSU; and Dr. Erlinda J. Porcincula of CNSC.//