Employees Honored during Salamat-Mabuhay Program

By admin - Posted on 09 January 2014

     There were 16 employees honored during the Salamat-Mabuhay and Christmas program held on December 20, 2013 at the BSU gym.

     The retiring employees are Mario M. Marquez (29 years of service), Percival B. Alipit (43 years of service), Alfredo C. Tipyano (43 years of service), Lolita M. Aromin (38 years of service), Freda O. Zarate (42 years of service), Louisa C. Cotiw-an (35 years of service), Manuela P. Cadelina (36 years of service), Montano B. Andaya (31 years of service) and Hortencio B. Patacsil, Jr (37 years of service). Posthumous awards were also handed to the family of the late Segfrid A. Casimero and the late ClementoLaoyan.

     Retiring employees from the BSU Buguias-Campus also honored during the program are Joe V. Sumacbay (30 years of service), Victor S. Teofilo (40 years of service), Enelita L. Guanso (42 years of service), Samson O. Sipi-an (42 years of service), Lilia C. Orasing (37 years of service) and Desencia M. Balwang (40 years of service).

BSU President, Ben D. Ladilad congratulated the retirees and hoped that they will still extend their skills and expertise to the University even after retirement.

     “This chapter of your life, your job in BSU has ended but it means that another chapter has started. Retirement is not the end of life but is the start of another phase in an employee’s life. We thank you for your sincere and dedicated service to the University, our community and our country as a whole,” he said.

     “We take pride to say that we did our best to serve the interests of the students and the community. This recognition accorded us, we share to you. It was wonderful and and rewarding working with you but we shall continue to offer our services to BSU in whatever way we can because although retired, we are not yet tired, everlasting is the life of BSU.” This was the response of one of the retirees, Dr. Alipit.

     After the Salamat-Mabuhay program two speakers invited by the GAD-Unit talked about Violence Against Women (VAW) as part of BSU’s participation to the campaign to end VAW. Florida Faculo of NEDA-CAR emphasized that the only solution to VAW is for everybody to respect each other in every aspect. Another invited speaker was Prof. Aurora Felisa "Mona" Jonson-Reyes of the Brahma Kumaris. She shared an existing campaign called “Pause Muna, Peace Muna”. The campaign encourages everyone to take time out to transform the quality of their thoughts, feelings, and actions to that which will bring positive and peaceful outcomes. This is believed to lessen aggression and violence among people.

     The talks were followed by the Christmas Program held in the afternoon facilitated by the BSU Government Employees Association, BSU Faculty Club and BSU Non-Teaching Association.//JST