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College of Nursing-Research Cell Gains Formal Recognition

By admin - Posted on 09 January 2014

     The efforts of the College of Nursing in upholding the four-fold functions of Benguet State University specifically in research this time is intensified as they received the recognition of their Nursing Research Cell as a sub-group of the Philippine Nursing Research Society Inc. formally during the 6th National Nursing Research Conference (NNRC) on November 29 and 30, 2013 at the Crown Legacy Hotel in Baguio City.
      The BSU-College of Nursing Research Cell is the newest to join the other eleven (11) research cells of the PNRSI. The Research Cell is headed by its president Jude L. Tayaben and its adviser Doris S. Natividad.
      The BSU PNRSI Research Cell and the College of Nursing as well was one of the co-sponsors/organizers of the 6th National Nursing Research Conference (NNRC) attended by more than 400 nurse researchers all over the Philippines. The College of Nursing Research Cell took on the challenge of heading two of the committees of the working team; the Souvenir Program/ Ways and Means and the Cultural and Reception committees. With BSU-CN Research Cell as co organizers were; the Regional Council of the Philippine Nurses Association-CAR, PNA- Baguio City Chapter, Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing- CAR Chapter, Saint Louis University-School of Nursing and PNRSI Research Cell, University of the Cordilleras-PNRSI Research Cell and the Cordillera Regional Health Research and Development Consortium.
      Also recognizing still, its charge to embrace research and disseminate results of nursing studies in the college, the BSU-CN PNRSI members both students and faculty joined in the oral and poster presentations. Those who qualified to join the oral presentation were; Jhaniela B. Cadwising, Daryl Ann Dep-as, Ruth Guay and Mary Rose B. Catapang with their study, Effects of Jackfruit Root (Artocarpusheterophyllus Lam) Extract on Escherichia coli. Those who qualified for the poster presentation included; Jude L. Tayaben (Feeding Pregnant Women During First Stage Labor: Revisited and Nurse’s Occupational Safety Compliance to Needle Stick Injury Prevention Policies in Cordillera Administrative Region: A Descriptive Study), Mhelgrace L. Bangse-il, Loraine A. Bucang, Jomarie S. Clemente and Lawrence C. Caranto (Degree of Awareness and Extent of Proper Child-Rearing Practices among Parents of Children Having High Body Mass Index in La Trinidad, Benguet), Grail Badongen, SeneadBelino, Sherwin Caytap and Luvim C. Bilango( Lifestyle Practices of Call Center Agents in Baguio City), Amity GrizelLumerio, Grettle Mae Ngina, Eileen Mae Sagorsor, and Louisa F. Laron ( Antibacterial Effect of Beet (Beta vulgaris) Fruit Extract on Staphylococcus aureus) and Ronalyn G. Nabe, Flordeliza I. Nebrija, John Gerald B. Pagui-en and Mary Rose B. Catapang ( Hypoglycemic Effect of Jackfruit Leaf and Guava Fruit Extracts to White Mice).
      The faculty members of the BSU-PNRSI Research Cell who served as facilitator and moderator during the concurrent sessions of the conference were Doris S. Natividad, Maureen E. Gay-as and Jude L. Tayaben. Other faculty members who attended the conference included; Jonalyn S. Esco, Lawrence C. Caranto, Jocylyn W. Angeles, and Vicente G. Panagan Jr.
      “The conference summed up all aspects that we, nurses, should improve on, in order to deliver productive researches. Personally, as a student and a novice researcher, it changed my perspective not only on nursing research but on the profession as well.” commented senior student nurse Flordeliza A. Nebrija.
     “Joining the conference was indeed a very satisfying and educational event we had. We were given the chance to present and disseminate the results of our research to other students and professionals all over the country and also gain additional knowledge from other researchers. Apart from these, our minds were also fed and were cleared with some misconceptions with the informative lectures of the brilliant and energetic speakers. The fact that it was a national event thrilled our hearts with joy. We gained a lot and we were able to climb another mountain and we will not stop we are more inspired to keep on exploring.” added another student nurse JhanielaCadwising.
     “We would like to thank the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Research and Extension, and the administration for endlessly supporting the programs initiated by the College of Nursing” recounted the Research cell president, Jude Tayaben.//MAUREEN E. GAY-AS

BEAMING WITH FULFILLMENT. Level IV student nurses together with PNRSI-BSU-CN Research Cell President Jude L. Tayaben beam with fulfillment after they presented their researches at the 6th National Nursing Research Conference at the Crown Legacy Hotel on November 29-30,2013.