Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Programs:
1. Original and a photocopy of high school report card
2. Original and a photocopy of birth certificate from NSO
3. Certificate of good moral character duly signed by high school principal.
4. Two (2) copies of 2”x2” I.D. picture.
5. Must pass the University entrance examination.
6. Notice of Admission and medical Slip.

Graduate Program:
1. Application for Admission should be received by the College on a date fixed in the approved
    University Academic Calendar. An official application form (BSU-SOP-04-F03) should be used.

2. The official transcript of academic record (OTR) and letters of references
     (standard recommendation form) from two former professors and/or superiors become the
     bases for the major department to      determine the acceptability of the applicant.

3. Admission of a prospective major student in a department is recommended by the
    Chairman concerned to the Dean after evaluation. It is the Office of the University Registrar
    that will issue a Notice of Acceptance (NOA).

4. Before enrollment, the new student has to consult his registration adviser/temporary enrollment
    adviser who is usually the Department Chairman concerned.

5. Notice of Acceptance and Medical Slip.