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The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) is an avenue for the development of dynamic, responsible and committed citizens. 


Section 1. Education in the Arts and Sciences, as in other professional disciples, aims to facilitate the integral development of an individual in order to enable him to effect changes in himself and his environment to realize fullness in human life. It is geared towards the preparation of students for responsible leadership, and for creative as well as useful membership in society.

Section 2. The general education component of Arts and Sciences Education refers to a program of non-specialized and non-vocational learning appropriate and essential for all in a free society.
          2.1 It is a continuation of general education started at the elementary level and carried through the secondary level;
          2.2 In terms of curriculum, it refers to a program of studies that provides a foundation for advancement into a major field of specialization;
          2.3 It seeks to develop critical thinking, effective communication, sound judgment and formation of values.

Section 3. At the end of a four-year Arts and Sciences degree course, a student should have:
          3.1 Attained a broad general education in the humanities, the natural sciences and the social sciences so that he would have;
          3.1.1 The ability to think critically;
          3.1.2 The essential foundation for his development into a productive and well-rounded citizen;
          3.1.3 The ability to investigate and analyze questions and problems carefully and to present his results and ideas clearly on the basis
                   of solid data and study;
          3.1.4 The appreciation for human values and cultural heritage; and
          3.1.5 The development of his own ideals, attitudes, and habits desirable for his improvement as a human being
          3.2 Develop competence in his chosen field of specialization either in the humanities or the social/natural sciences necessary
                for immediate gainful employment, or as a foundation for further training beyond the baccalaureate degree.


* To promote dynamic teaching and learning engagements, research and extension activities towards climate change adaptation and resilience for sustainable development
* Produce globally competent and gender sensitive graduates imbued with value systems in the preservation and respect of cultural and environmental heritage
* Establish collaborative research and disseminate scholarly outputs through relevent platforms towards innovation and product development
* Design and deliver mentoring expertise, management programs and leadership in community affairs.


College of Arts and Sciences
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