Admission Requirements

*  The original and a photocopy of form 138, which has not been canceled by another school
*  A certificate of good moral character executed by the principal of the school where the applicant graduated
* Four copies of 2x2 photos taken within 3 months prior to application
* Original and photocopy of the birth certificate issued by the NSO

1. A student may be promoted to Level II on the following conditions :
     • he/she has obtained an average rating of 2.75 or better in the first year
     • is physically fit as duly certified by the University Physician
2. A student may be promoted to Level III and IV on the following conditions :
     • Passed all subjects in the previous levels
     • Complied with all academic and clinical requirements
     • Is physically fit as certified by the University Physicians

3. A student with an incomplete mark in any subject shall not be allowed to enroll in the following semester.
4. A student who gets pregnant during the semester will be dropped from the course and will be allowed to finish the semester.
5. A student with a final grade of 5.0 for the second time in any subject will be dropped from the College.

6. A student may be allowed for future enrollment if the following conditions are met:

     • An approved leave of absence not exceeding two consecutive school years
     • A full-time study in the College and enrolled only in the course (s) specific in the semester of the BSN Curriculum
     • RLE and Lecture in major subjects are both passed. A failure in any one requires enrolling in both.