COMMUNITY—BASED HOME ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY TRAININGS (CHETT). The college adopts a barangay as an avenue for all possible extension services such as series of trainings, seminars and assistance conducted in the barangay as needed by the beneficiaries or at the College of Home Economics & Technology.

SKILLS APPLICATION TRAINING PROGRAM (SATP). This is a practical skills training intended for students, workers and other interested groups.

NUTRI-CLINIC. It caters to the assessment of nutritional status (weight, height and body fat analysis), iodized salt testing, nutrition/diet counseling and other nutrition related services. These services can be brought to barangay/community if needed.

CONSULTANCY AND EXPERT SERVICES (CES). A program where expertise of the faculty members and staff are tapped either as resource speaker, lecture-demonstrator, accreditor and trainor among others.

STUDENT COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAM (SCOP). Students may conduct or assist in seminars, trainings, demonstrations or existing programs in selected communities. Activities may be requested by the community or initiated by the students.