Programs, Function & Activities

Bachelor of Science Forestry (General Curriculum)
Bachelor of Science Forestry (Major in Agroforestry)
Master of Science in Forestry (Major in Silviculture)
Master of Science in Forestry (Major in Watershed Management)
Master of Forestry (Major in Silviculture)
Master of Forestry (Major in Watershed Management)

      The College has four functions: instruction, research, extension (community service) and production. These functions are jointly implemented by the three (3) departments namely: Forest Biological Sciences and Wood Science and Technology (FBS & WST), Forest Resource Management (FRM) and Silviculture & Forest Influences (SFI).

Co-curricular Activities
      Student activities are co-managed by the faculty and the Future Foresters Society (FFS). The FFS is an umbrella student organization that manages the following clubs: (1) Sports Club, (2) Ecology Club, and (3) Shontog (newsletter). Forestry students are encouraged to join any of the organizations to promote the spirit of camaraderie, and to provide opportunities for the enhancement of academic, cultural, social and recreational aspects of student’s development.