1. Biology
      Offers the basic courses in Biology to all curricular programs.
      Offers major courses in Biology required in the BSE- Biology curriculum.
      Offers major courses in Biology in the Graduate School,
      Conducts researches related to Biology, and
      Offers extension services related to Biology.

2. Chemistry
      Provides the basic Chemistry courses to all curricular programs;
      Offers higher Chemistry courses in the Graduate School;
      Conducts researches related to Chemistry and other allied courses; and
      Provides extension services like chemical analysis of agricultural products, foods
        and fertilizers.

3. Humanities
      Offers basic language courses and the humanities;
      Offers major courses in English and Filipino;
      Edits graduate and undergraduate thesis outlines and manuscripts;
      Conducts action researches in the communication arts relevant to teaching and learning;
      Promotes and develops oral and written skills of students through literary activities;
      Writes and produces instructional materials in English and Filipino, and;
      Regularly provides students’ exposure and participation in the arts.

4. Information Technology
      Provide excellent ICT knowledge and skills;
      To provide globally competitive IT graduates;
      Engages in relevant ICT research and project undertakings; and
      Conduct relevant ICT trainings to clients from both the government and private sectors.

5. Math- Physics-Statistics
      Provide quality instruction in the general education as well as major courses in mathematics,
        physics and statistics for both undergraduate and graduate programs;
      Produce well rounded graduates in applied statistics;
      Provide non-formal training in statistics to students, researchers and academic personnel;
      Provide assistance in data presentation, statistical computation and interpretation of results
        to thesis students, researchers, and academic personnel; and
      Conduct relevant researches and extension services in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics,
        Information Technology and any allied disciplines.

6. Social Sciences
      Provides the basic social science courses to all degree programs;
      Conducts researches in the social sciences;
      Promotes and develops critical thinking on social and political issues through symposia,
        conferences, etc.; 
      Offers the major courses in the social studies; and
      Offers the higher social studies courses in the Graduate School.