NPRCRTC Proud Mentor of Nelio Compelio, World Potato Congress Industry Awardee

The Northern Philippine Root Crops Research and Training Center (NPRCRTC) is celebrating the achievement of its farmer partner, Nelio Compelio for garnering the Industry Award during the 12th World Potato Congress (WPC) held in Adelaide, Australia on June 22-26, 2024.


Compelio, who hails from Buguias, Benguet, received his recognition on June 25, 2024 during the Industry Award Ceremony along with eight other global industry awardees. The Industry Award is in recognition to their significant contribution and dedication to the growth and development of the global potato industry.


Thank you idiay support, assistance ken trainings nga inpaay ti NPRCRTC. Daytoy nga award means adda pagsayaatan diyay araramiden ti NPRCRTC nga research ken trainings. Daytoy nga award ket haan lang para kanyak nu di ket para ken datayo amin,” Compelio said.


NPRCRTC Director Teresita Masangcay expressed that she is very proud of Compelio’s achievement, as he is also one of the many farmer partners who is successful in seed potato production. She explained that Compelio started as a farmer cooperator of NPRCRTC in the 1990’s where he allowed his land to be used for free in potato on-farm trials conducted by the Center. She added that Compelio joined the series of training conducted by the Center on potato seed production and became an early adopter of the Apical Rooted Cuttings (ARC) technology using the Igorota potato variety produced by the Center.


With the knowledge and skills Compelio acquired from the NPRCRTC, he conducted his own practical experiments such as comparing potato production conditions where he found that potato cuttings root faster under La Trinidad condition than Buguias condition. Since 2013, he has been successfully producing his own quality planting material and now one of the Bureau of Plant Industry accredited potato seed producer in the Benguet. He currently engages in potato cutting production business providing employment in the locality.  He also provided equitable profit-sharing agreements among his workforce which ensured their long-term loyalty and dedication.


Compelio together with his son Alvin Jay established the Bileng Binnadang Farmers Association which practices the “plant now pay later” scheme. Through this association, they provide fellow farmers with quality potato planting materials as well as advocate sustainable farming practices.


Compelio’s contribution to sustainable potato seed production garnered him recognition from local governmental and industrial bodies and now recognized internationally.


On the other hand, Jennie Balao, Science Research Specialist 1 under NPRCRTC was able to present a poster titled “The institutionalization of seed production through the standardized seed production system” in the WPC.//ASantiago