CoPC granted to BS Chemistry and BS Math, graduate programs in Math, Filipino and Forestry

Certificates of Program Compliance (CoPC) were granted to Benguet State University for the courses Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Master of Arts in Mathematics, Master of Science in Forestry, Master of Arts in Filipino and Master of Science in Mathematics. All of these courses granted with CoPC except MS in Forestry are offered in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). MS in Forestry is offered in the College of Forestry (CF).BS Chemistry and BS Mathematics are new offerings while the rest are existing programs of BSU.

According to CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 14, Series of 2019, the CoPC is to ensure that the existing programs of the State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and state-run Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs) are quality assured. The same CMO provides that if an SUC/LUC will not be able to secure CoPC within two years from the effectivity of the CMO, its governing board may decide whether or not to continue offering the program.

Meanwhile, CHED requires new course offerings to undergo preliminary assessment which will ascertain the readiness and capability of the SUC/LUC to operate a new program in terms of: feasibility; availability of qualified program head and adequate faculty members; library resources;laboratory facilities/equipment; and alignment of program/s to be offered with the institution’s mandate.

“A program that is issued with COPC would mean that it is compliant to the Policies, Standards and Guidelines (PSGs) set by CHED. This also means that the curriculum of the program is attuned to quality education in accordance with the provisions of Republic Act No. 7722, known as the Higher Education Act of 1994 at par with international standards,” said CAS Dean, Dr. Samuel S. Poliden.

Dr. Poliden shared that acquiring the CoPCs entailed packaging and submission of pertinent documents to CHED followed by ocular evaluation. Other programs currently submitted for certification by CHED are Master of Arts in English as a Second Language and Doctor of Philosophy in Language.//